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But he's not going to be worth the money. They're gonna end up giving him. It's just that's just not the way the NBA works. No. He's been wildly inconsistent. Just this season. I mean, everyone thought oh scary. Terry yourself on this next. This next grade point guard, he's averaging eight point eight points per game this year own like forty one percent shooting has has a crop. I'm sorry. I'm wrong. He's still a thirty eight percent shooting from the field. Yeah. That's a guy. I want to give a bunch of money to that. That's exciting. Given the max Chris that genius. He is. He is a genius. I can't wait until until Kyrie's all that goes to LA, and then they have no cap room left after that for another max. And that New York gets I don't know who whoever do you think to Harris ironically is an option there. But. It's just the NBA finally starting to sort. It's I one hundred percent think Kevin Durant is staying in Golden State to take the money. I think the first player to leave that team. I know we're gonna talk about them in a second is going to be Draymond in a couple of seasons. Greg final points on why? Anthony Davis won't will sorry will be a Laker in your mind, or I just I think if he doesn't go to LA because they're willing to trade basically the entire franchise before the deadline this week the amount of stuff and the future assets and things that that the Celtics hold. They have you know, you have the kings top one protected pick this year the grizzlies if it falls out of the topic that hick is going the feeling that is Zion. Williamson in the seventy Sixers lineup next year. They have their own pick the twenty twenty they have the Memphis grizzlies pick of it hasn't conveyed outside of the top six the clippers of it hasn't conveyed. I mean, they have all these different options. Means that they can go ahead and send down there, plus young pieces like Jalen Brown and Jason Tatum. I think that they have a better package. It's just they run into that weird rule with the Kyrie Irving situation right now. Yeah. I think the Celtics one hundred percent out. I don't think this is going to resign there. I think he's gonna make that very clear, and they won't give up a bunch of us because of it Lakers are gonna make offers. They're going to make offers and crazy offers and crazy offers crazy offers end of the day. I think they'll Dem's makes the right decision. Does not deal in the division like his mentor. Pop. The does not want them to think teams coming out of nowhere. I really do think the clippers are a team to watch. I think the Knicks could be talked into making a big move right now for Davis with the idea that they could add another big piece off season. It's just not going to be the Lakers when it's all done. And I hope it's done soon. You. All right. Let's take our second break. We'll be right back. Hey, guys. It's Chris Horwood L with underdog sports. And this one's going to be a little bit different. Usually, we ask you to support the show by buying the products from our, great advertisers. But right now our missions a little bit more important. We're going to ask you to support humanity to support decency. And to support your fellow man for patients.

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