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The realities of the what happens on the streets where i once a work is i'll did that isis going to come to a courtroom um you know you're going to have entire groups of people that are going to be fearful they are now going to com the reality is of the credibility of ice under this administration to they is severely harmed and i don't think the community is going to believe in frankly i don't lower talking with george gascon district chinese city and county is san francisco about a new policy retroactively apply proposition sixty four in order to dismiss thousands of pass marijuana convictions and also recent issuing by ice uh that they are going to send deport asian agents into courtrooms federal state and local courtrooms to make arrests and you may have a comment on either or both of those issues so if you do please feel free to join us here a robert or writes in contrast of the daily onslaught of news about government officials acting recklessly to turn people's lives upside down district attorney guess comes move is a reassuring example the government officials can act with decency and common sense saved the public time and money and have a truly positive impact on people's lives let me bring a caller aboard hair and will go greg to you greg you're on good morning earned thank you for having me uh district attorney um i agree with you know i i completely understand how you're housing the retroactive uh marijuana correct released uh with the recent passing the law however i'm curious what the uh the air it's gonna be doing uh or they can it's still print prosecuting with all the autoparts threes died uh orange back relation to ramp and drug use in the city and also the uh uh the girls the hookers that are walking around in the mission districts dot or uh doesn't seem to be any prosecutions to any you those whatsoever i'll say plants are off the air good question do so much you know first and.

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