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A government shutdown and the United Auto Workers are expanding their strike against General Motors and Ford keep it here for full details on these stories in the minutes ahead traffic and weather on the eights we go to Mary De Pompa in the WTOP traffic center alrighty thanks Luke if check we out the beltway I've got nothing to slow you in Fairfax County however they are still there yes that outer loop disabled truck at the Van Dorn exit 173 they're on the right side a lot of flashing lights but your remains travel open you may be seeing a lot of flashing lights on the outer loop of the beltway in Prince George's County we believe they may have found the wreck outer loop between 214 and Arena Drive watch you should you'd see some flashing lights with officials on scene our only minimal slow down if you will the crash on the Maryland side was south on 295 Baltimore Washington Parkway passing 695 be on your way toward the BWI Thurgood Marshall exit they should be along the right side with that crash nonetheless watch for police direction 95 in Maryland beltway to beltway all moving pretty well a the wreck is in Laurel it's going to be 197 both ways south of 198 near Morris Drive should be a northbound crash but both ways watch for any police direction if you're on your way to the eastern shore be device that they let us know 404 had a crash it was eastbound right near the 404 business Gay street exit at one point all lanes were blocked bottom line you will be following police direction big roads roads in Virginia doing well but in Fairfax Station Clifton Road to the east of Wolf Run Shoals a crash between sandy manner drive and split rail lane follow police direction brought to you by from the trusted authority of all things work worker and workplace you can learn more at shirm .org slash radio that's .org shrm slash radio married to pump a WTOP traffic and

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