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We're not gonna get two species specific The important thing. He doesn't have a tail. That's a label. This is a tale out that is a tale. That's his we ought to. It'll be as dick. And that's his tail because that's a big difference between us apes and the monkeys. This tale has two purposes. We don't have tails so everybody ages differently. It's true different experience for different people. I'm excited because i'm getting a pool for my birthday. That'll make me feel young. Max is going to build a pool that we are going to build a pool maximally. Just don't think the meg l campbell way system to so excited because we don't go anywhere and it's not just because of the apocalypse you don't wanna share pools with strangers right. No no well. Maybe it was big enough. For maybe a couple of certified vaccinated leftist bernie supporters of course hall hadid gotti hot. I've forgotten you still say that you could be a supporter. Can you say hobbies. i don't can't gender fluid. Hopefully i don't get canceled. A get cancelled sh so everyone ages a little differently for some sixty is the new forty and for others. Well it's a hop skip and a jump or a slip and fall before hospice but one thing we all have in common. No matter how healthy or young thinking we are is that one after one and sometimes in clusters of two or ten. Our friends are dying. So i'll start with one who not only just died but actually shares a birthday with me and that would be june tenth. I didn't even know this until he died. F lee bailey and he just passed away at the age of ninety years old. So we don't feel too sorry for him but still it's like hurts to lose someone you know. I wouldn't say he was a friend. But i would say he was an inspiration to me. Maybe one of the best criminal defense attorneys ever. And i did meet him and i spent some time with him. I interviewed him. When i was about sixteen or seventeen years old. I love that photo of you. Dr sousa yes. I love it so much for sharing that on twitter facebook. You guys have to check it out. I put it on all the platforms twitter facebook and even instagram. Because it's a little piece of history. I was about sixteen or seventeen on this. Cbs on famous channel. Big corporate channel called young reporters. And that's what i was. I was a national merit. Semi finalist and the editor of my high school paper and i was interviewing f. lee. Bali who was the hottest attorney and really way way before a judge. Judy or anybody. That made law kind of entertaining He was doing it on tv telling stories and making himself into this swashbuckling hero..

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