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Mcbride to lean on and then bradley and dempsey had those guys to lean on and bocanegra and these players don't have but we're hosting the next world cup in the us canada and mexico and after that seems like an expanded one so this is kind of it for learning how to get through concha camp. Welcome qualifying kinda hate that right. Now i do too and it might be ugly and it has been ugly and it will be ugly but once these players come through. I don't believe this is a golden generation. And i believe every generation after this will have these players to lean on if they can find. Success in tonight was about that. I'll say this with the. I wish i. I wish that we still had those players to help some of these young players along and find their way and find their footing in take some of that leadership or tick that burden off of them. But i do think that we opened the show talking a little bit about that player. Pathway and understanding the structure in the environment of being where these players have been in professional environments at high pressure. Places for quite a while and that changes the dynamic. Quite a bit where you look you know. I think we talked to Ricardo peppy and i. I interviewed him in pass only talked about his story a lot. He chose it thirteen years old to leave his family in el paso to move to dallas to go play with two with the academy and lived with the academy system that takes the entire player pathway where it goes through the ucla on north texas and place. Their scores goals in the play. Offs plays against men. You know and then eventually gets his opportunity with the first. Cnn starts banging amend from there. So he he's really you know he's nineteen years it'll be. He's been playing as a professional left home since he was thirteen years old. Like so when you go into these environments he has that level of maturity. I also think he's a special kid and kind of has that personality of just like you know. We saw at the all star game score the game winning penalty. It sounds silly. But it's like whatever but but still like that for for a nineteen year old if you hadn't had some of those eighteen okay. Eighteen years old. Like that's still like. That's that's not a normal thing necessarily to be doing and i just feel that he has that sense of maturity. I think the same thing with brian. Nance when you talk to guys in philly about kind of what. He was like as a young player. Not afraid to dribble guys do his thing Express himself like that really. That personality is really what you need and the infrastructure around him has helped kind of platform. And and we're so it doesn't replace the know how of like you know you see the cbs where you got chuck in an dues in gooch in those guys like it doesn't replace the know how of some of those guys giving you that or being walking into a camp and seeing some establish names but it can help you to be able to be more ready than than players may be in the past. Half what's tired is being hyped about. Brendan aronson what's new is being hyped. Paxton aronson and the future is bright. Throw you magin. Both mental high level players. What's gregg berhalter supposed to do. When sergio deaths who plays for barcelona and john anthony brooks who the champions league starter and was arguably the best back in the bundesliga last year. Don't play well.

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