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Smith show with my being his friend Mike Harmon. I'm an ass man and my goodness. The Rams are going to escape with a 27 24 win. Tom Brady was moving the bucks. Fine. They were had the ball near midfield. There was still a lot of time left about a minute 45. And Brady decides to throw deep into triple coverage, and it's an easy interception for the Rams and the Rams were able to kill the clock all the way down to a couple of seconds left Johnny Hackers punt eyes fielded by the Bucks, but time runs out. So the Rams win this game 27 2 24. And it was not a great night for Brady 26 of 48 to 16 2 touchdowns in two interceptions. He certainly had his moments. But he did not look good for the most part tonight, and I tell you the same thing about Tom Brady. I'm going to keep saying this, Mike. I think for the rest of his career whenever he doesn't look good whenever he's not comfortable in the pocket. He does two things. He throws the ball early and he throws the ball low. He didn't throw the ball low tonight, but there were many plays where he threw the ball. Wait. Early where receiver was just coming out of his break or they hadn't turned around yet, And this is what happens to breathe. When he is uncomfortable in the pocket. The Rams defense was able to get pressure around him all night. You know, they only got one sack. They were able to get there and keep him uncomfortable, and he threw the ball early a ton. The other thing is, what have we said? What have you and I said, Since Brady signed with the Buccaneers, he's 43 years old. It's not gonna be suddenly he's going to be great. It's not going to be suddenly he is awful. He is going to be a lot of this. Some games will be good. Some games will be average. Some games will be bad. He's had four or five good, really good games this year. He said one or two average games, and he's had five stinkers. That's kind of what you get when you have a 43 year old quarterback who just isn't the same guy, despite the fact he has as many weapons as he does, you're going to get games like this from Tom Brady. That's just the way it doesn't mean he's doesn't mean he's great again doesn't mean he was terrible, which is apparently the only two takes you can have. But this is the realistic thing for Brady When when the where he is in his career, you're going to get some weeks. Great and some weeks not so great. Like I said. Is more Joe Montana and near the end trying to get out a couple of years. Then he is Tom Brady saying I got for that. Then he is Peyton Manning saying, I got four years in Denver where where is gonna pin our ears back and go? This is where Brady is in reality. Yeah, that when we watch each and every one of these games, he also have to recognize the greatness of the defense that he's facing. And at every level you've got playmakers on this Ram's D and you saw Fuller as the Take full advantage of that tonight. He was the guy that sealed things with his second interception of the game. Question. You. Thank you. I thought I got but I thought I got it. And the mute mute isn't as responsive as I hope. I feel good. I'm feeling fine. Nobody worry about me. I'm good, Just a little dust because I've been cleaning all day. But the idea being that for Tom Brady even with all the weapons and the super friends assembled When you face better defense is or The teams that have the scheme that matches up well, right, Sean Payton. And the Saints for their two games. They owned them write their own them on in week one, and they owned them a couple of weeks ago on just absolutely obliterated them. We We know this with the Rams. You've got great personnel. I'm watching these guys all five wide and wishing that Brady, you know, had to add a super arm. You know, like Bucky Running around in infinity, Warhol Get that arm in other words so much too young. Not for sale. I'll get right. I mean, if you had a guy with a big arm like a guy rotten right now in New Orleans because they're pure guy that you could have some fun with that just winging the ball around. But when we're watching that last Possession for the Buccaneers. They got greedy. They got greedy. You had almost two full minutes. You had two timeouts left. You've got all of those weapons that they have to defend. Each and every play. You know, the flag is always just an extra little shove and grab from coming out. That you You didn't need to go for the downs with and credits to Cameron break. So you're going to you know the fifth option on if you're receiving corps, but they were waiting for they had the extra extra man Fuller read it perfectly and just waited like it was a punt, much like the earlier interception from Brady. So Yeah, it's the ebb and flow in the roller coaster. There's gonna be some tense moments. Some angry moments. Godwin got nicked up a little bit towards the end there, so you will keep an eye on him. Right? Yeah. When Ramsey essentially erases Evans for much of the game. You've got to keep working to the check down and that offensive line as we know has been one of the issues for Tampa not to put it on them at all right. Ian Brady, you know, just asked to make better throws Give his receivers a chance. He had a couple of drops. He had a deep bald Antonio brown that went through his arms. That probably should have been caught. Leonard for Nat had a couple. You know the old they'd like to have that one back. Kind of moment. The worst line of analysis you'll ever hear in sports. Well, I'm sure as they look in this particular game. There's a lot of moments that that you know those inches air all around. Twitter at How about a Fresca? Mike? It's swollen Doma. 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