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And agree -able summit On the way to appease treaty and nothing is work is this time North Korea is Scared Are they bluffing, again You know when they, first met in April Kim in mood now needs great desires, for a nuclear-free Korean peninsula and permanent peace which soul has tried to sell his a meaningful breakthrough that increases. The chances of successful talks between the two Whether other any hibiscus I'm a wholly confident in, Japan and South Korea But, I ask you is this to China into China who is the one country that? North Korea is dependent upon more than anybody else China willing to give up their whole Would, you want China on this summit China's, going to have to come to grips And there's no way I want China sitting in on this just no way Because in many ways they will be a more difficult Entity, to deal with the North Korea So we're going to see how all these exercises unfold And hopefully the threats from North Korea Full stop You know since the seventies the United States in, South Korea I've been holding major summertime exercises called Chief freedom guardian Which involves tens of, thousands of troops And they haven't been stashing Jeff between, Washington and so on modifying the drills It's usually happening Do you have an idea, for an? Adventure new product do you think companies would be interested? In your idea do you want to try to? Get a patent they'd. Call. It helped now it keeps your idea confidential medics planes every step of..

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