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On your phone you know that the mobile phone things catching on and it you know Dave I don't you notice it's got a chance but twenty years ago there was whether manage Kaghan in Paul Douglas he was strictly on channel two pause very friendly and yeah he's always been a guy's been ahead of the curve and I remember vividly was where the Tribune tower obviously sitting at the Marriott across the street having to push your breakfast with them Anne had at what at the time was a sleek phone now is probably about a foot long this sort of in nineteen ninety eight nine somewhere and he said everything's going here his point if the phone is forty time should everything will be on the phone he said everybody will carry the phone around the B. staring at their phones all day all the information they have all the personal information will be there they do all their banking here everything will be here you know license are you crazy finding what you you nailed it your wrong no I will do that he was twenty years ahead well so dead two point nine billion spent just using your smart phones and that number for that course gonna go higher what's everybody buying today see what you're going to get the tack everybody wants the tech gotta get the tech you want a new TV it looks like today be a good day to buy if you don't have it already TV prices down an average of twenty percent on this cyber Monday I think most employers tend to look the other way non cyber Monday don't thing they do not let your neurosurgeon or something but the the toll is a significant I know in years past they've actually measured how many people are actually working today and it's in the tens of billions of dollars lost productivity around the country today because of people on their computer shopping in a it seems fair to ask you to actually do your job today with the understanding that maybe I'll do a little shopping as well not oppose eight not not actually doing a little bit of your job while you shop all day that would be the opposite right I mean that's here yeah well I would be careful too if your work if you're on a work networking your shopping in your entering things like credit cards and other things just remember that your work network is not necessarily private in that information could go other places which you said that five minutes ago yeah I have my husband doing all my cyber shopping today he has this list I hope he does well did day anybody pick up something exceptional over the weekend we wanna brag about I can I got this kind of sweet deal I can a sweet deal no okay great I did some small town shopping up in Ashland Wisconsin on Friday and I got some great water bills for half price nine box those things are usually expensive you plan to spend a lot of time in the water this yes it's my basement flooded okay you know those high boots they're the high ones surely him waiters in the ethnically hip waders they're cool they're like rain boots the column rain boots I like him meanwhile if you grab the best deal you still might have to go to the store to pick up the order so okay just keep that in mind and feeling for last minute deals golden hour deals some of those will linger into today and some of the online stuff like the Google play store is kicking in with another round today yeah what was Black Friday is now this kind of the weekend right we can do Monday because they'll extend their sales Black Friday June until through Monday through Tuesday yeah I keep getting text from every store that I have an app for and you know they're still extending other sales Gracie instead what we call Black Friday because the retailers to go into the black there accounting records going to the black right so it's not did the read most of the year and then on Black Friday you're supposed to make enough money that they're in the black it's not supposed to be offensive at all and yet when I was in if you getting at that but it's gonna York upstate you're beautiful beautiful area in Israel is the show on a regular do you know I grew up there but there's a lot of old hippies that went to Cornell University in the sixties who didn't leave and are still there and sort of running the town now and they refused to call it Black Friday because they thought it might be offensive to some so they called it planned Friday plaid what planned Friday now keep in mind of Black Friday is all about finances is nothing to do with skin color or anything else that might be deemed offensive but yeah if you're in Africa I hope you enjoyed plaid Friday this weekend five one think about driving if you suck at it maybe do it lasts I saw more stupid driving yesterday that I've seen in a long time it was day you know a hockey rink in New York and even here in this morning that what I'm trying to get some sleep on the way to work while I drive you know that Dave to straight away one of those off for awhile and the duggars even traffic at this hour I had a guy cut me off three lanes of traffic to get into a Dunkin donuts I don't care how much coffee you need and when you need it the only reason I didn't end up in the back of his cars because of the superior handling of white lightning I mean I did you start driving down four thirty in the morning or whatever it was that's twenty calls for so how road rage happened bag quick round of a sports from the weekend Dave nice win for northwestern wrapping up the season next weekend but be Illinois no they wrapped it up that was it I was like how was it yeah but each of game is next week at one this year well why not show up well they should just play for Illinois because they stock south off of illinois' Gornal ball game though I know it's ridiculous I mean they are great for Illinois Illinois in a much better season beginning a northwestern had a rough year but nice way to end it and and now the big ten title game is Ohio state Wisconsin next Saturday by the way we're gonna have a game here on WGN Saturday night okay the bears of course play on Thursday after a planned last Thursday and at they got to six six ugly they play Dallas on Thursday also six and six him will be on later to discuss this it's going to be a must win for both teams which we've been saying about the bears for solo there almost went but it but look this is a very winnable game for the bears can you tell us is they were very unimpressed of on Thursday and they've been on impressive most of the season and if you look at the teams that are in that that six and six five ins and a lot of Amer five and seven now the teams that the the bears are battling Philadelphia five and seven Carolina lost to Washington there five and seven so is as crazy as it sounds if Seattle beats Minnesota tonight that helps the bears to sell you know it's not I mean they they're going to have to go some to to catch Minnesota went out yeah they do have to win now there's no question about that and what won't be an easy thing to do but at least with four games to go further if it is possible meanwhile the NFL yesterday continues to see some weirdness going on Tom Brady how also break down last night yeah in how poorly his team players in poor spirits yes in a cranky cranky because he was and any big surprises in the NFL that I missed yesterday while traveling well I mean I I think you have some teams like Cincinnati had wanted that's right Jeff's watching could barely won a game they beat Carolina the the dolphins won a game so that was kind of that was certainly an upset they beat Philadelphia and you know and then last night I and you have some some kind of crazy finishes is always looks at a reasonably entertaining del what a great NFL Sunday with which I think with the weather everybody was kind of hoping for you to have all these these dramatic not images not not not really and meanwhile yours in my Chicago Blackhawks got absolutely full throttled back to back games of Colorado and I am guessing there's quite a bit of talk over the man has a medicine about that it happened again no I then they're in last place now and then Minnesota has has pulled ahead of them by think five points and left them in the cellar and that's certainly not what we're thinking a week and a half two weeks ago no getting outscored five two seven two yes seven thirty in the second third lose here tonight if you can't get it right with the Stanley Cup champs well you know the goaltending has been so good both those guys I think we're due for a rough one and all day they showed us they've got the roughly and they got the rough one out of the way so let's hope that's the case to their job data and pretty much everything at five twenty seven every tax question first was the first time in a long time we'd we've been on from five to nine we did it in the first six months after I came back in twenty thirteen and this is a new schedule five.

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