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I'm Michael size more, you know, folks, you can find me on Twitter at Mr. Sizemore, and with me, as always he has the aren't Anderson to my RIC flair. He is the Walter Matthau to my Jack Lemmon. He is Tom rile, and we're just gonna get focused talking about the Dallas Cowboys. It's been a few weeks since we've been with you guys. But the Cowboys are getting ready set for their mini camp. They already have rookie minicamp and everything went well from what we gathered except for the fact that Mike Weber got a little dinged up. But they, they seem to think that that's going to be not, not such a big deal, but I wanted to get into contract talks Tom because guess it's been contract. Doc all off season long. So what do you think about the Cowboys contracts right now and mover specifically those for extensions for deck Prescott Amari Cooper, Zeke Elliott? Well. I think that the Elliott one is kinda going to be after they look at interest got I felt all along partly because it got the fifth year option to work with, and they don't have to have anything done. Now, this is just about being smart giving him done before the price tag goes up even more, you know, it's going to be expensive. That's just part of it right now, the Steven Jones kinda posh during trying to get them to maybe take a little bit less which I am not too sure that even really worth their time. They just need to start figuring out how they're going to do it. But the one thing this happened lately, as it were seeing another cycle just like we saw with, DeMarcus Lawrence, this is around Amari Cooper, their reports. It everything's that a deadlock nothing has happened on this. These are the exact kind of things were being said, during the DeMarcus Lawrence negotiations. And as it's turned out those were true at Nala were they not true, but they actually kind of created friction between the two sides, 'cause both sides thought the other side was leaking stuff. Yeah. I remember that. And I remember that it took the, you know, the Cowboys ended up talking to markets Lawrence's agent and kind of smoothing things over, because a lot of those reports were premature or false yet, and it shouldn't have happened..

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