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Duran phone. TAP The letter. Dear Elvis! My Dad hates telephone and telemarketers. You know what that means. It's another job for Michael up in Heimer email comes to us from. Alex Alright Alex Scary Jones as Mr Michael Oppenheimer. Resident Annoying Telemarketer will be calling your dad to sell him something who knows a who cares what it is? It doesn't matter by the way this is the first Michael Oppenheimer phone tap. The victim stays on the phone. The whole time doesn't hang up one time. Let's listen into today's phone. TAP here we go. This is talking to help you. yes. Mr Michael Hammer with. Dot Com. How you doing today sir? I have the Mr Flex flexible flashlight here for sale for just nine dollars ninety five cents. You can be light where you needed. How does that sound to you? It sounds like why are you calling me on my cell phone? Trying to tell me stuff between so your name was on the list of people to be called today that you might be interested in this product. I'm not interested in. Anybody called me on my cell phone, trying to sell me something. So could you do me a favor getting off your list? It's got a high intensity crypt on bulb I got crash wiped. He's got a fun can with. Autos reading home I. Drive I Walk Everywhere I. Go maybe fixing the toilet under the sink. I have somebody that comes into that kind of stuff. MR, flex flexible flashlight beams light into any orifice maybe. Ally Asa theme. He has a Gooseneck tandel making able to bend and reach deep into dark nooks and crannies. Down! In Eighth Watts on, you should try it sometime. Sir Mr Flex plans like features, a flat two and a half, inch, magnetic base.

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