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To jae crowder after the game last night crowder sort of declaring himself innocent of all charges at that point and i'm surprised it's been relatively quiet on the crowder front today i did hear it from a few callers and i heard it on a a couple of national shows one national show actually broke down the film pretty intensely and you could see i don't care what crowder says there was contact their crowder got beat on the play and then he tried to overcompensate get back in in the play but he wasn't even facing the action he had its back to the action and that's really were all the trouble started it was more of a lazy play on crowder's behalf be sorta tried to halfheartedly hip check gordon hayward and you could see if you watched the video whether that he check was met with any malice or not nobody's ever gonna know right it only jae crowder will really know but that hip check appeared to be just it up to essentially make gordon hayward come down offbalance and that's where everything went wrong for gordon hayward he came down funny he didn't have the balance that he needed and clearly one leg just gave out and that's a problem and i don't think it's my job to sit here in blame jae crowder but there is some responsibility there is a little bit of culpability there on jae crowder is part of this was the same as a a really hard foul a clothes line the intent wasn't there to hurt him in the manner and magnitude in which gordon hayward got hurt but need this at a regardless it doesn't matter jae crowder made a non on basketball play right and that ultimately led to gordon hayward getting hurt and crowder has to own that there is no world in which what jae crowder did did last night could be considered a basketball play just wasn't it was a hit check and look it could have been worse for gordon hayward the news tonight relatively good if you're a cautious optimist there's a chance that it looks like he could potentially come back and play some point later on in the season we will hear more from the celtics tomorrow about a potential timetable for a.

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