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We're the fourth of july approaching firefighters on edge as we hear from abc's alec stone in los angeles around the country fire departments are putting out reminders had fireworks are in many places especially in the west illegal but they can also be unsafe in la on corporate areas and they're telling the horror story spent twenty one days in the hospital fire department say every year emergency rooms treat over twelve thousand fireworks related injuries half of them involving children something as simple as sparkler burns at temperatures up to eighteen hundred degrees hot enough to melt gold alex stone abc news los angeles a medical board in georgia has suspended a woman known as the dancing doctor we get details on that story from abc's adrian banker the woman infamous for dancing and singing around her sedated patients isn't operating anymore nations when del boo agreed to give up her medical license for at least two and a half years but those questionable videos aren't even mentioned in court documents the board instead determine bouquet failed to perform to minimal standards after investigating seven of her former clients president trump says he has no plans to pull out of the world trade organization pushing back against reports that he told advisers that he would like to this is abc news komo aaa traffic we do have a few problems one in south center northbound i five at four zero five a disabled vehicle blocking lane and seattle northbound i five to forty fifth a disabled blocking as well in the arlington area sigrid five thirty near arlington heights road we have a tool recovery blocking right now as well and in tacoma severe side win nor warning on the narrows bridge is now being cleared your next report at to fourteen i'm mike conklin.

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