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Out and about fifteen minutes before the first pick for so said w and make sure you go to the bathroom everyone did. And then he came in locked and no one getting getting mown and saying, hey, we might take we might take Jody with this next. So. These guys that like security of it the way more them nowadays than ever. They do not want the scouts out tell and I wanna make sound like scouts all do it. But enough doing those words mice guys so most of getting relief duties as soon as drafts over you mentioned you doing seven players day, and you've got them almost all done going to hundred deep, and you're almost ready to just leave with what you determined and scouted in valuated. I'm sure you're looking at other individuals and their process of not talking to him on your show or talk them off the air has there been one guy that stood out one way or the other. You know, what the general consensus is players a tough at teen pick the first round of. But not a top fifty. He's a second. Right. He's a day to pick today. Three you got a general consensus feeling all these guys whose the player would stood out the most for you that you say everybody else's cut this guy higher than I do or everybody else got this guy lower than I do that you needed to double back and go, no. Oh, yeah. I feel it's way. He's going to say he's way better than everybody saying who's the guy who's confounded you. Well, let me start the top. Because the first guy I started with I did defense. I thought it was gonna be a predominantly defensive draft in the first round. So I started with the Alabama tackle. And then I use him as a point of reference done with Clinton Williams. I did every other defensive tackle in the draft. Knowing where I felt the point of reference was so do they stand up to him? Well, Chris Wilken stands up to him. I prefer Clinton but I- Christian Wilkins that Clemson is not far off. And there are people that think of him as kicked fifteen kick sixteen. I don't know how they they. They arrive at that. This is a big man, whose I character guy who's the best player in a four man front. That's all getting drafted. So so I like him a lot more than others. Do Oliver was my next tackle. And there's a guy that has in my mind has to play in four three D friends. So if you're a four three team your draft for it's going to have him up in the top five if you're at three fourteen you're gonna have them somewhere around ten because he has game fit. So that's the other part of these things. So I think the tackle group is going to be strong. I think you'll see four of them maybe in the top ten and then then. They'll dissipate awhile. Then by the time we get to the end of the first round. I think they'll be six of them. I'm thinking that's going to be eleven defense of linemen in the first round. So it's a great year for that stuff. Quarterbacks are always a big debate. The Ohio State took a hit in the last couple of weeks. But I think it's media driven. And this is the type, you know, this Bennett was we're all gonna start telling lies if we're drafting we're all going to say, hey, worried about his medical sweats. Gotta hardest to swim as heart issue. I went to the senior bowl they pass them on a physical. He was terrific. He goes to the combine they pass them on a physical. He runs the fastest forty in the history of the combine for defense event. So the story lines are all out there in order for guys to fall right in the lap of someone who's probably thinking I can't get to this guy unless I get a story going. All right, Pat, one more I gotta get this one. I know you've stayed long. I appreciate that. But again have. Having gone through it and been part of it in different war wounds, different coaches in the light. And you know, it leads up to the draft and your as well connected as anybody in the media aspect of the NFL from your feel are we going to have an active couple of days as far as trade's coast years as a handful never know trades, but some narrow more than others and some narrow bigger ones in the first ten picks and others that don't start till the second round. What is your feel right now for how activate trade market and fell draft three day show is gonna be? Yeah. I think it's gonna be very active, and I'll give you a couple of reasons. Number one, there were already nine trades that have been made last year the year before that are into this draft. That players and physicians have been moved around from things they wanted to do in two thousand seventeen or sixteen. So you got that issue. You've got GM's a lot of younger GM's that are just very aggressive and not afraid trade. And they and they they have a relationship with each. Then you have some of the other ones like John Dorsey in Cleveland, and Dave Gettleman have already done a few trade this off season. Oh, Dell's gone and the big guard has gone in. And consequently, they they got a relationship so Cleveland not having a pick in the first round. I could see them doing something again with the giants have pick. So here's how you look at it. I look anyway, there are seven teams seven that have at least ten draft picks. Most of them have eleven or twelve and then there are seven teams that don't even have seven picks. So the guys. Out picks like Seattle. They only have four picks. They're gonna wanna move down. And they're trying to move down and try to get more pick. They want more young players. That's how you make your salary cap work and the guys with a lot of picks are are gonna go. She and their way into positions to get the player choice. You even look at the patriots and the patriots of sitting there, and they got a dozen. They're gonna see someone they want. They're going to go up and get them. And so I think there's going to be a number trades. Put an ember on the first and second round. I take the over under at six. The over and he'll make your day show that much easier that much more fine and Joya tell Mr. Brandt, we send our regards even though you said Kodiak, not as big a Dan Jones fan as you. And I. The battelle. I said, hi, Pat, always great. Whenever you come on. Thanks much for the insight today. Catch the next couple of days covering drafts here. Thanks to have you. Happy Easter Easter you to pack Carwyn, former NFL executive host to move into chains on Sirius XM's NFL radio and also will be a major contributor for their draft coverage. Canyon with you. You wanna talk some NFL draft. You Pat about value versus need it never changes. Even the draft changes in the way, they valuate players and the amount of information out there. The one thing that never changes the Joel debate between value added and filling in eat it's a balancing act that you have to do every single talk about your team your player the guy coming out of your college where he's going into draft. When you do that.

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