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Of will apply host crew here in state for months salem oregon was nothing happening there was like three or four restaurants period i mean we knew the singer and the in the uae one kind of ban that was in town you know i was so tempted to go out with these guys every night which they did you know they were packed and i couldn't do that i couldn't do it i needed that space between us it was i saw a huge sacrifice with i wanted to be having fun to interesting and did that helped decent oh definitely at out fletcher was not wellknown when they cast her in the role they were offering it too many actresses one hears of and bancroft gerling page jack found actor after actor angela lands barry nobody wanted you knew nothing about her ever you find out not one detail about nurse ratchet accept what you see on the screen is now history this now what did she do before and what mater the way she is so it's quite a challenge and instead of the inhuman robot portrayed in the novel fletcher decided to play nurse rachid as she might conceivably exist with human motives for a really frightening villain you need someone who is a real person good morning threat here's a woman of a certain age not old not yang who's life is moving along and she has complete control event and everything around her i when suddenly someone appears and shakes her world that you think it might be possible return news daswani cup voice talk and she doesn't like it on debt at reasonable forever i think we might ease it down on so may be the boys did have shout what you probably don't ron of old man on this war couldn't hear the music if we turn get lower manhattan is it gets ave home your hand disdaining wind it's little exciting thing we can do is go on with our daily work floor but she knows that eventually she will.

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