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All the help all weekend and RAF of course great this is been quite a weekend wrap and we got more it over yes right on that leave it where my going tomorrow morning at eight o'clock we'll be back with the giants and cardinals and Josh another great job for you I know you work very hard those hours people don't understand the fourteen fifteen hour days of preparing the game the show afterwards and all that these these are long day so if we're a team and everyone works well together so I appreciate it Ralf what we got coming up after us you got some replace will definitely have Bruce and Paul why and I will try to get the day branded interview and cut out and that was a profession actor yeah definitely will will definitely get that professor on it's a it's a it's a it's a long for segments about thirty minutes all right but you got stuff to play because I know a lot of people miss the things in the morning yeah definitely right they frontage I will say this the Sacramento River cats manager that was one of the most fun I've I've had I must tell you that we didn't spring we save that but that we had a good time with that interview and he's an amazing guy and and when you hear Dave brothers you will realize whether river catch one he is really a baseball guy the chance a lucky to have a and I hope he stays at Sacramento who knows what the the shake up could be but yet they've run the jewels that that one raft what did you like that today yeah he's he we we loved it yeah thank you thank you so much I had to step away yeah okay good but no that was that's when we like died so all right great giants lose eight four the end of probably the career of sand of all is a giant today Marat the the torn labrum in the shoulder that's not good probably I would imagine surgery for him elbows are one thing shoulders or another so I I feel for him and how hard he's worked so that was the news that came out after the game today so it's white right for Saint Louis tomorrow Tyler BT and we're with you at eight AM tomorrow morning so sleep well be well and we'll talk to.

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