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Have some entertainment news for you. No worries. That's what Angela Bassett said. Beautiful. Angela bassett. This to the New York Times somehow they mix here up without maroshek. We'll talk about it. Yes. Yes. Yes. We'll talk about it coming up in entertainment news. But her confused with 'em, really. The nephews here to run that prank back. What you got king of pranks you've been riding in my car you've been in Mark. Hello. Yeah. I worked at the hotel. You do valet parking. Yeah. Yeah. We're me. You want the part, my some fifty BMW to change out of my car the loose, and you also don't put a hundred miles on. No, you did it because you don't wanna tell you. And then when I came back you'd want brought my car back, and I I know you want put them down mount on my call. Wait, wait, hold on. My name is Jason. Jason my number number from the hotel manager. I told him I needed. I talk to Curtis. Valet parking me your number. But you don't want what the man. On 'em out. That's all I do is just get the call and talk, and that's it. I take no change. Nobody. Call even took my chain. TD Jakes in playoffs. Well, I got in. There was a small to somebody. And now you my comment man radio, man. Look, I probably because part a whole lot of calls. I just we you can can you maybe somebody else started picking your car and drove it around. But I don't know we can. Work at the hotel, do valet parking. How many? But that's all I do is probably call car driving around the town on student from there ain't no, man. Let me tell you something. I know you don't want. I know you was the one. Only ammo probation right now. Right. So I mean, I got autonomy about nobody call them just I'm just four Tom job. Just fucking call them trying to take care of me and my little girl. That's it. I'm telling you if somebody did take your car and driving around us do something you'll call. We can we can figure out you out of you just bring the car. Could talk to the managers and figure it out. But I promise you, I promise you wasn't me, man. We'll find out what happened. What you call? You don't want. You want? With the hallmark. Call you read this. So you had that name tags? You pull it off. And you pull back you only one. Hey, hey. No, no, I cannot hear you can hear me. No. You don't hear me when I do that. You hear me when are getting because you put that miles on I'm gonna come up to that damn. Your call. Right. I'm just hey, you know, what? From your call your call. Right. I told you. I go to work. Oh, come home and take care of him. I gotta right. Hey. Oh, call me. I. Who's your car talk? Any what? Got it out and put a hundred miles one hundred and four miles extra all net. Call when I got back here. Let me tell you something come up whether you work again. Tomorrow. What time do you get there? Okay. I'm coming up at five forty five against what? Mr. I'm a deal with sale. No. Job. Doc. For the job. Are you say you have got a black seven fifty BMW? I'm coming up there when I get out of it. You ready already? We'll be waiting for you to bring your black. You sound like you're black on black on black. My call back your black. Today. I'm kind of. Because. I'm telling you. I'm telling you it wasn't me. I wanna take you. Tell me. I got one more thing. I need to say you listen to me. What? His nephew. Tommy from the Steve Harvey morning show. You just got pranked by your boy TC who do valet parking, which you. What what did you say? What did you do is it another guy worked on t- to do valet parking? Yeah. Hey, man, this nephew, Tommy. The Steve Harvey morning show. He got me to prank phone call. You man, I'm gonna get that doubt. Oh, Lord cheese, man. Mojo was lousy. So fans is I thought I was about to go back out. Oh, lord. You know, going back. I'm telling you man, who's about to be oval. It was about to be over the first person. I saw. It. You gotta be strong, man. You're going to be strong show for show. Just be strong. I, you know, I'm gonna keep a straight, man. You know? All right, man. Stay strong. You gotta take the girl. Boy, you can't go back in there ridden. All right. I got one more thing. I gotta ask you what he is. What is the bad sometime? I the bad is radio show in the lame. Man will Steve Harvey morning show. Title the title came from my uncle because I've written his cost so many times. Another time. I've got out. I've heard that that you've been riding in my car as I..

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