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From Kohls the impeachment process something more like a lynching key witness before the house I'm Mike Morris president from calls the impeachment inquiry a lynching we hear more from White House correspondent Bob Constantini the president seems resigned to being impeached based on comments and this tweet he hopes Democrats will take as a warning so some day if a Democrat becomes president and the Republicans in the house even by a tiny margin they can impeach the president without due process or fairness or any legal rights all Republicans must remember what they are witnessing here a lynching reaction was swift especially from black democratic house members including James Clyburn of South Carolina Andrew Johnson never describe what was happening in this way and survey Bill Clinton didn't know that Nixon this president is hopefully an anomaly Costantini the White House three federal officials including one from the F. B. I.'s say they believe it's inappropriate for a president to ask a federal foreign government to investigate a political rival their testimony comes at the same time acting ambassador to Ukraine bill Taylor is answering questions about an alleged effort to get Ukraine to investigate the bidens more from correspondent want to rush you one Capitol Hill one Democrat Andy Levin of Michigan said that all I have to say that in my ten short months in Congress is my most disturbing day but Democrats are trying to draw down on is exactly why that military aid was withheld to Ukraine and whether it had anything to do with the president's voiced by Rudy guiliani's push to investigate the present political rival Joe Biden's son hunter Biden a federal judge is refusing to dismiss Chicago's lawsuit against former empire actor jussie small let the judge's ruling means that Chicago's lawsuit can move forward it looks to recoup the money the city says the police department spent investigating.

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