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Very cool. So with league play. Are there enough organizations. Now, spreading that leagues can be more than just local. Yes there. Right. Now, there are two main national bodies that do leak play all of the clubs of which it went from just a couple dozen. We'll be I started to now they're probably closer to a hundred if not over one hundred around the US that are all part of one of those two organizations. and each of those have some interoperability. So as someone from Charlotte happened to be over Nashville, they could come into our club and throw with our league and it would count towards their lead because we all use the same rules, same format, the same. Requirements for equipment. So that's kind of the fun part of it is. You know you can boast because you know that everyone else is using the exact same acts the same target distance and exact same material. So it's apples to apples and not. Different different standards. Very. Cool. So do you think like with other some other sports that haven't yet and this is a fairly new sport as a sort of organized activity is there are their aspirations to put this in the Olympics not that I've heard of yet but. They can add skateboarding and mountain biking, and some of the other craziness in their nothing would surprise me it. It does require skirt and. Skillset and once you see it's actually I. Don't know if you've ever been on late night espn or somebody their sports channels, they'll show some of the competitions and the and girls that are playing will hit twenty five bulls is in a row. They're that good at it. So it does require you know once you get past the basic ability to hit the entire would target but to hit that small center instead it takes a quite a bit of skilled to to get to that level so it could be there one day. Well you know from I have to admit I've I've become addicted to the TV series called outlander, which it deals with highlanders from Scotland who in fact, many of whom moved to North Carolina and there's highlands North Carolina this on and they have the at grandfather mountain apparently except for this year because of Kobe, they have the annual highland games. So is seraing part of that do you know are you able to participate in that once it returns? I I haven't heard of it specifically in the Highland Games is an event I wouldn't be surprised as it does sort of tend to. Attract that same Manley manliness that the games do with rolling logs and boulders and you know some. More entertaining options but if they were to offer or ask reaping happy to hop over there and. Show them what we have to offer. Yeah, I'm sure I'm sure you know you mentioned different skill sets in terms of throwing technique with axe throwing that I know you've got a three person ownership partnership and each of you have very distinct skill. So tell us you mentioned Amy Zimmerman already with her aesthetic and design skillset anything else from her, and then your third partner. Well, it started out as a crazy idea with me but I knew ahead of time what my limitations of what my strengths were. So, I sort of sat down and tried to figure out what skill sets would be needed for such a venture. I'm personally. Into obviously computer software administration. My strength is more in the boring logic hiring firing coming up with rules paying the bills. Stuff that most people are terribly bored by but that that's where my interests lie oddly enough amy..

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