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This is just. It's such a jay. And i'm coming at you. Give way to put it on out. There and pieces was crack when my baby's john. What do y'all have do y'all out there shining on them because they hated baby living your best line doing what it is that you do that to dude at shoot own. My gosh. i know you're just a wise baby. And why is it. Did i tell you. Did i noticed charter out debut. So and so. Why first of all god as you that way jaw. Shout out my gosh. He's rewarded those that diligently cam. Yes and what is the second reason that i'll tell your old out to be so tell in so wise baby set reasons because you all out there listening to me man and this is just. It's such a your. I'll put it out there. Pieces full you and the third thing that i always fill your own all the time. I gotta give a shout out to my haters. And what do i say these haters. Joe como se will be ready all three one two three. I need this'll work. Oh yes y'all need this work to and if you watch just come over to the whole justice jay experience percival happy and dependency had before for july. But if you just come on over and you're trying to figure out why is this lady jaye. Why should give it a shot. Today is like oh god what is this about. Look let me explain to you. Hate as acknowledgement backwards. People hate you. They just don't know how to showed a love. The love man i saw okay and when they see you out this shannon play like the dominate. You are what happens. Is they start. Getting no or the naysayers disbelievers. The people who know hate no you as the egg like you really don't or won't be like knows you've got one on. They start coming on because they like hold on one. They do their fixed. The is there my girl dish more bullish because they trust was gone on because some i put it out there for all right and this is what they don't realize that it's god dislike preparing his table for you in the presence of your enemies right enemies your footstool are and you know what else he says solves. Twenty-three so listen when you are doing what it is that you do that you do that you post to do. He said i'm going to go ahead. I'm gonna prepared table for you in the presence of your enemies so just imagine. All your enemies organizers audit disbelieve with always people surrounding you watching. You child. forgot what you've got going on and got his break through your front you like year and they all behind hill. But he's a funny. You prepare this table. Everything that you need is only stable. He said i'm a prepare a table for you in a president enemy. Never know what your hair oil and you cut score overflow and we nausea hair oil. What happens is your is that it's like the oil so whenever they go ahead you know oil is slick so whenever they go ahead no bothering you in china little hate darts and all that little bs to you. The oil is covering you. Okay so don't bother you. He out there doing what it is that he do. He do because he what they do. Is they try to like you. Know maybe call you. Hey what's going on and you know what you got going on now. You know that type of stuff won't bother you. You got the all on. Homage just touched your baby. I'm trying to put this out the pieces for you guys covering you. Right he said. Hey do i walk through the valley the shadow of death. You feel no evil. He said my my staff gonna comfort you so why he's paralyzed table right nausea or your cup overflows. Bless not the blessings blessed and they wanna blessed by the message wherever message using to bait him out to put him out there peaceful right. Let me give you an example. Like right coming out of this whole health right. God help me write a hill and is a process. Okay so i'm putting the process out there. I'm putting it out there. Pieces guys like you know what though this out there on social media you know show them high heeled you saw making these videos and i'm doing what it is that i do. They starting to come over. Like oh my gosh like all. Wow and people are calling me people in boxing me and hit me up and all this type of stuff but see. I got to all all over me. I'm more covered because god prepared this table for. That's why they come on over so when they come over to you okay. Because he's prepared this table. What you gotta say is the this work Yes y'all need this work to. They need that work to what they need. Is the same thing that you probably need it before. They need to get these pieces because they got kids too so he got bring them over to try to show how good he is all right so you never hate all them are you to say. Hey this is no work to stress you out with the hate you know and all the bsa got going warn over okay to justice jay or black vibes dot com googled. Okay google it. All right. i made a drink is called. The hate is passion. Drink fix if you fix it for them. It's gonna make you feel okay. Maybe this is just such jay. I'll just have to put in pieces for you. All right now look gone over to. My name is our in seven six. Oh it's a grandbaby yes out. You'll have to go on. Nobody checking it out yet. I'm been dropping at samo us. Yes i've been dropping a bomb on you over here. If you don't know a job in exam is an african american colloquialism. You know we basically to say when we put these out there. That's good for you. Okay if you put out the pieces you know we're showing you all the glamour the everything that you need we give you what you need the information. That's what i've been doing on. My name is all our services or instagram baby. Okay put out the pieces for you. Go check it out. Ok to say this is just. It's such a. I can't do too much is such now. Let's get over to the nets the led to the left me. So i could talk to y'all about making love and b.'s. Kids yes your god. Check out making a kitchen. Oh my gosh. 'cause i'm about to start doors those double these kitchen. I have been gain. Oh my gosh so much that. I actually gained weight. Yes let's get all over the justice touchy dave fitness. Let's talk about.

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