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Hi, my name's Ben. My name's I would say ostrich. If by amazing, you mean terrifying. Right because your bird thing bird thing ostrich in particular got those gangly weird necks and those really musk talents and the the whole shape of the bird is just wronged. Do you knew for a relatively comparatively brief span of earth's history? Flightless birds large flightless birds with a dominant species totally I mean aren't like drastic park. Dinosaurs meant to have had feathers. Yes, that is true. That is true. Gilbert did not back down another person who does not back down are super producer Casey peg room. Yeah. The Tom petty song is about him. It is it is a lot of Tom Petty's catalog is actually based on the life and times of Casey peg rail, which didn't seem to work out, age wise and time line wise. But trust us it does trust us. Yeah. The whole thing's that concept album. I would say the most amazing animal that I've seen up close for entirely subjective. Reasons would be a tiger the most amazing animal I've seen up close in the wild was a Brown bear. Did. I tell you that story now. Okay. Are you mauled? I was not I did survive, and I was in boy scouts, and we were on a camping trip. I had walked away from the campsite and let me for this delicately. I was I was peeing in a creek probably shouldn't have been doing. And then mid stream is the best way to put it. I looked across the creek. And I saw a bear on the other side of the creek. Just chilling and staring at me while his midstream. And I didn't know what to do. So I just kept going and then I backed away. I walked backwards back to the campsite and the bare just stared at me what you're describing Ben is the natural adept tation that was the inspiration for the care bear stare the care bear stare. Yeah. As long as it wasn't the inspiration for that Leonardo DiCaprio vehicle. What was that where in a live action care bears? No, he was in a movie with a bear of the one where he eats. He eats raw meat. And. Yeah. Animal carcass. And I think they gave him the Oscar for it. Yeah. KC? Do you remember which one that was the revenue that was it case Casey on the case? Today's episode is about several things it is about an amazing animal that very few of us get a chance to see in the wild nowadays. And it's about the way fame can affect people. And this is a very special episode today because we are not interest into this four a alone while we're entering into it alone. But we're going to exit with company. Yes, that's correct. Yes. We do have a surprise guest at the end. But our first guest at least in concept. He's here in spirit. There we go is actually not a person. Our first guest is a rhinoceros. Try not to be confused with the very depressing smashing pumpkins song of the same name. And actually in retrospect, highly pretentious, I was in love with that stuff. And I like some of it holds up, but that's all he's like he's plan to show. Trees and bad loons. What does that even mean, Billy Corgan? I, you know, I scream snag. Yeah. Them in with a lot of bands from that time period..

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