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Took control of the Postal Service in June. He immediately came up with cuts and operational changes that have been disrupting mail delivery operations. Way air going back to that stall on the one a one in Hollywood cellphone at Santa Monica Boulevard. That stall is clear to the right shoulder. But you're stopping go from Western and On the north five in Sherman Oaks, a two car crash box the Middle Lane, jer stopping Go from Van Nuys Boulevard can find the sky sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com. What's going on in Diamond Bar? Mike O'Brien got a mess here. Dave 57 South bound right before the merge with the 60 there just a little past sunset crossing that vehicle fire they had blocked the right lane for It is still jammed and still bumper to bumper stuff almost from 10 back before Temple North out 57 ecstatic, disloyal, leaving Orange County Pretty much for Connor can eat up to the 60 merge with troubles in Irwindale to 10 eastbound at Irwindale Avenue. That problem to the right shoulder, But that's added very tough drive out of Pasadena most of the way out in Glendora. Injured in an accident visit Superwoman super lawyer dot com Mike O'Brien, K F I and a sky high in the sky helps get you there faster. I'm Dave Joseph brought to you by the cunning, gentle implant center. A teeny bit cooler will tell you about that next year old cars. Me or no. Hi. You're home is your sanctuary and it's never run. It's never rang truer than this year. You've been in there a while, huh? And you deserve Free of fresh,.

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