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Yes at. All businesses always. So. If you include those taxes and the benefits, you can increase these salary in eighty percent eight, zero, eighty percent. That's right. So you're talking about eighteen thousand dollars for but. That is the cost from employ. Incredible. But not only that because then you have to include the vacation that is another Is already glued in his amount because I am using twelve months. Okay. But then you have the thirteen salary. So you, pat him for an extra months. That's rised. And one-third from a month when these guy getting vacation. So when did this guy he leave studied as invocation here received forty days. Now. So he receives more when he's not working than he's working. That's A bonus law. So. If somebody makes quote unquote ten, thousand dollars a year that costs you eighteen thousand dollars. Some more while. So you were saying before you told me that when you bring machine when you buy capital equipment in Brazil, there's a lot of taxes. Yes that's the other. In Brazil getting imagine that in Brazil people need to work a hundred and fifty days and year to pay taxes just to pay their taxes that's right may have to work almost half the year. One. Third of this year is to just pay taxes companies. They have a teen to discuss taxes because you have. A huge amount of taxes in gas gauge one over each other you have federal you have state and have a town fees and taxes. You were talking about the demographics, the disparity in Brazil What percentage of the people in Brazil are rich what are how much are poor Brazil has? Two hundred and ten, million people two million people. Forty seven percent are economically active people on nine thirty, seven million people are something like that from those guys. You can imagine that we have. Unemployment the unemployment in Brazil. Is around twenty five, million people. But what does it mean employment? Occupied people what means Diet people that are not employed, but but they are. Searching for business. For War same same with here, and then you have. The people who are off the grid under employees we have under occupy it. That means the people that work less than forty hours a week seven million and you have discouraged this courageous. People that are more than six months trying to find a job five million people. Noah but Also remember that we talked about. Formalities. So from those ninety, five, million people working. Economically active. Forty percent is not formal work. They don't have a they are not registered. In the in the work ministry..

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