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Which of the skills have translated the most well. It's not unprecedented to do it. Delegate lee ware. who's been around the house for more than twenty years. He was a former reporter and editor new hampshire delegate. Shelly simon's who i ran in two thousand fifteen again in seventeen and was finally elected twenty. Nineteen she was a newspaper reporter in south america actually ecuador and like the late state. Senator john miller he was a reporter. So it's not like reporters had run virginia but it tended to be that you didn't have a lot of nationally known state legislators who happen to also have been reporters and that's one of the very unique things that i actually brought. The table is that we were getting a disproportionate amount of media coverage in. I knew that it was going to be a story you know. Transgender candidate runs against a bathroom. Bill author either like. Yeah no kidding. So the skill sets that. I was able to transfer ability to research to write to ask questions research more. Ask more questions. Come up with the first draft. Go through an editorial process. Come through with the final copy go through a publication process and then going in defending your piece. All of that is lateral at the same time he is. I covered my district for more than nine years in from here. It was a real help for me to be able to put together a very hyper local platform based on the experience that i had developed as newspaper reporter and so after ten and a half years of professionally reporting four years of college and even to internal classes in high school and such. I was at a point where i was making twenty four thousand dollars with ten half years of experience as a newspaper editor. Which was the same amount. I was making as a rookie reporter in two thousand six. I was working two jobs one thirty hours a week. Fifty dollars an hour another weekend through delivery job for five dollars an hour plus tips just to try to pay the bills and i was. I was burning out. I was just. I needed change at that point in when the call came in from wwltv sullivan asking me if i would consider running the day after don shaw rinjani fifteen had asked me to do it. It came in at the right time. I was ready for a career shift at that point. But i would tell you. I miss being in the newsroom every single day by getting that he'll pass last year. That was that made a better and get her. I'll ask you the same question. Could you tell us your story of deciding to leave journalism and what you found. Traits and skills have translated the best to being an elected official Yeah sure i mean. I i wanna ta. We were talking about how. It's un- common for reporters to run for office but does not happen in hawaii in two thousand to know what happened in hawaii in two thousand and two in hawaii in two thousand and two about a half dozen reporters either at local news stations or the paper or nationally c. n. n. decided to run for office. There was a guy who ran for a state rep who's reporter at k. h. o. Win a former cnn and local tv journalists ran for lieutenant governor a another former tv reporter and producer who ran for city council a reporter ran for state senate a councilman. Who was someone who ran for council as a reporter. That's happening in two thousand and two in one year. And i don't know what happened in that year but when you read the news articles about why. They decided to run for office. There was a lot of the same stuff that i was mentioning the at the beginning. Which is that a lot of people who are reporters. They might get frustrated with the things that they see in politics and think that they wanted to go in and try it themselves. And i don't think that it is rare and it's early you know rare in recent memory that i can remember except for for danika in may but at so bizarre to me what happened in two thousand two in a way when you had six of them decided they were gonna leave their jobs and run for office. I've often thought covering the hawaii state house would be. Pretty sweet gig right. I mean like the former colleague of mine anti-cook lower rates for all hawaii news And i love seeing her updates. I bet hawaii politics are super fund to cover but but delegate her talk about your personal story though making that decision to leave the profession that you know you have done basically all of your professional life. What was walk us through that decision. Well it's kinda painful for me to talk about And it's really kind of unique in strange. So i i wish that it has maybe some greater meaning towards kinda this notion of why reporters may decide to run for office. But you know. I've been twenty fifteen thousand. Parker adam war were murdered at smith. Mountain lake live on television. Alison i were dating. At the time. We just moved in together and i went back to the tv station About ten days after the shooting had happened and You know every single day at the tv station was incredibly difficult. Because we met at work we fell in love at work and then she died at work. And then i had to go back to work every single day after that so at some point you just get really sick and tired of that and you wonder if there is a way for you to move forward and make something of your life when it was kind of all taken away from me aside thought about going to other markets you know. I had people. Because i i started as a reporter in in washington state in two thousand nine in eastern washington home of the world's largest nuclear waste repository the hanford site plan a the nuclear reactor where they turned all of the uranium and plutonium for the nuclear warheads while at turned out to be the biggest toxic waste cleanup that we've ever seen But it was out in the middle of nowhere and got caught in tumbleweeds storm my first day there. And what the hell am i doing here. Making eighteen grand a year and was there for about a year and then got the job in roanoke and started as reporter And i did mostly reporting when i was in college. That's all i really wanted to do. And then the guy who had been there thirty years keith. Humphrey and institution in western. Virginia retired and they made me the the six eleven o'clock anchor. It was crazy You know the newspaper headline said when keith humphry got the job at channel seven chris i wasn't even born yet and And so the whole time of my tenure at channel seven was first about proven myself In about working hard in about actually doing investigative reporting going down to the courthouse nearly every day. Searching through search warrants. A doing all of the stuff that is sometimes lost than differ newsrooms around the country and then alison was incredibly happy. You know the tv koppel and And.

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