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I'm just like a warrior spirit i guess i don't know it's probably the weirdest thing to say about doing art but or being creative but that's my approach so yeah seems to work on it leads to burnouts an odd things in weird wednesday depressions but it does get you in those dark realms when you're not eating it it you know because it's it's it's a dopamine drop it's a it's a adrenaline hit it's all these things that are happening in that stuff becomes quite a dictating so well i think some of the best art is made under those circumstances yes i'm oddly the opposite of you which is even kill they just slow but steady i'll get marathon runner you know had so sometimes i would look at classmates like wow you just use burn with that kind of intensity and aid to do this but there's like a 'bladerunner reference in here though and pull out how like rutger hauer stock and harrison ford no no i'm sorry it's his creator i forget the guy's name but and he talks to rutger hauer and he's like you know put your brilliant your perfect and a candle that burns twice as brighten burnt twice as fast yeah until you you can live in that right yeah you're chasing that and when you hit it it's amazing a life is beautiful when you down with cite the opposite of that yeah it's a great scene to um yeah italy greater to no no no good as he sought no but it's a great it's a really beautiful moment tuna elminating it's a so it's it's a perfectly said it's very quite poetic that films filled with a lot of poetry it's just wonderful sifi she had that still but it's awesome really appreciate that film but you nuts absolutely true i think that's that's it and that's me to a t really um and you know somebody's listening to this and saying identify with at ashes saying how do you moderate some of the low lows on me it's find to be in the ice that's wonderful yeah you know when you go dragging into the darkness if you will how do you.

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