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Training camp Kevin Bowen with the latest next on ninety three W. I. B. C. coming up on Tony Katz today's so we've heard the Mahler testimony but why do we have to hear it and what comes next that's all coming up in three minutes the work on the field starts today I'm Kevin Bohn in Westfield it's the first day of school for the twenty nineteen Indianapolis Colts as they take to the practice field this afternoon for the first practice of training camp beginning at two o'clock the goals given out on Wednesday that Andrew luck's lingering calf strain from the spring could limit number twelve for the first week or so of camp as the ease them back up to full speed new running backs Spencer where is the only colts player officially rolled out for the first day of camp I'm Kevin Bohn for ninety three W. IBC presidential candidates have I'll have a lot of flying to do in order to run a successful campaign no Democrat presidential candidate has done more flying in south bend Merope due to judge according to the Associated Press put a judge has spent roughly three hundred thousand dollars on private jet light since announcing his intention to run for president that's more than any other candidate Facebook CEO mark Zuckerberg is promising a lot of changes after his company was slapped with a five billion dollar fine by the F. T. C. over privacy violations we're gonna change the way that we operate across the whole company from the leadership down in the ground we're gonna change it we build products if we don't then we're gonna be held accountable for the fine is the largest ever imposed by the F. T. C. Facebook was fine for allowing Cambridge analytica to illegally access the personal information of around eighty seven million Facebook users to be told it's not a good ideal to steal someone else's dentures rob Condit report this week a woman in Jennings county went to the police report that another woman Joanne shoulders stole her teeth and was wearing them that same morning a probation officer told police he met with shoulders infirmed she had teeth on Wednesday police went to children's home to discuss the fast and found the dentures which had the owner's name on them children's was arrested and now faces five charges rob Connie ninety three W. I. B. C. mobile there you don't typically see armadillos in Indiana but the DNR says one was found wandering around the Indiana toll road in Porter county Wednesday there have been armadillos found in Indiana before but they are extremely rare especially as far north as Porter county the DNR says the one found on the toll road is the thirty first an armadillo siding in Indiana for as long as they've been keeping track sunny and seventy nine downtown you have a clear radar I'm Kerr Darling and I'm John Eric on the level on the go and on Twitter at ninety three W. Y. B. C. and W. Y. B. C. dot com live from the heart the crossroads of America it's Tony Katz today everybody with a take some people with a dishonest take like for example the take that all yeah Roger Moeller really delivered yesterday no he didn't we can see so clearly it's okay that Robert Miller did anything but deliver yesterday the Democrats did not deliver yesterday my gosh there still conversation of why they went down this road how bad was it it was terrible it was awful it was awful to watch it was awful to witness Terry Moran from ABC news a I don't think Nancy Pelosi is going to stand for her members bring forth something that is going to lose in the Senate lose a demerit in public in the problem with with with mother's testimony on this issue is that he had to carry the ball for them someone whether he wanted to or not impeachment is over well that is words that's a phrase.

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