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The steel holding signs to count every vote President Trump refusing to concede the 2020 presidential election, citing potential voter fraud and ballot. Mishandling. Georgia State officials are part of that recount of the 2020 presidential election. Fox's Jonathan Serrie will talk to us from Atlanta. They are putting human hands and human eyes on every single ballot. This is an audit to verify the accuracy of the original Elektronik count done by Georgia's new voting machines. President Trump tweeted earlier, his displeasure with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffles Burger, whom he endorsed two years ago, because this retaliate does not include signature verification of the ballots. But state elections officials explain once a ballot is accepted and cast, it becomes anonymous. The numbers produced by this hand tally will become the state's final certified result in the presidential election on Lee. It does not affect Georges to U S. Senate races in which incumbents Kelly Leffler and David Do are heading into January 5th run offs against Democratic challengers that rejected difference in the count. Toe win. Georgia is just 0.3% Ktrh News Times 403 during the Rose Garden ceremony concerning Operation Warp speed. Yesterday, President Trump criticized New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for setting up an independent state review panel. And if Of any FDA approval of a Corona virus vaccine president said that as a result, no vaccine would be sent to New York today, Cuomo said that his state is doing the same thing as seven other states and it's simply trying to ensure the safety of a process that many polls say people question. They all set up these independent panels to create confidence.

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