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A bereavement leave bank America is a great program called life event services where someone's going through a transition in their life whatever that happens to be so it's just the kinds of benefits to the drive in what we call responsible growth I like to think my guess Larry to read it so what would you like the power to do find a bank of America can help you a bank of America dot com stop by your local branch. when's the last time a eleven eleven the Mavis discount tire traffic center here's Karen story and here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels Hudson River crossings great on the inbound side they're also great on the outbound side with the exception of the GW bridge which is never amiable around this hour traffic is jammed for forty five minutes from the Brookner change all the way out to the bridge itself D. again is very heavy because these cross Bronx delays in either direction northbound delays almost go back to the one hundred and forty fifth street bridge and the southbound delays do go back to was Fordham road and these are bumper to bumper delays the southbound side of the F. T. are the Harlem river are still heavy but it is easing up and we're moving at a much better clip the we were about an hour ago east a hundred twenty eight street down the fifty ninth street bridge again it's slow heavy in some spots but it is not like you're sitting there for too long over the Whitestone bridge we are heavy cleans the Throggs neck bridge is having the Bronx and it's got the clear view all the way back up to about thirty Fifth Avenue now check of mass transit for you we do have subway delays cleared city bound a and C. is city bounty trains they're all running now back or extremely close to on a close to schedule Travis sponsored by major world dot com buying a car before you sign on the dotted line which makes a huge add on fees stop at major world really be a seventy five dollar dealer fee the price negotiated the price you pay let's check sex and the envy major world dot com no games no gimmicks one hundred major auto open till midnight I'm Karen Stewart.

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