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Goodness, three pigs. Or what's this number? Seven. Three or seven. Three packs, nefyn holds them back hit, really doesn't. He still has that right sided weakness. He'll probably always be weak on that. Right side. But would turn wants to do he'll find a way he always has. You did great using both your fame. Can you five? Welcome back. We are back with the folks at the Grange fire guys. Thank you all so much for being here. Glad to be here to tell your names, I'm Kevin. You guys are doing pretty good here force, had a great turnout with our department to collect, and then just the folks in the community of had a great turnout for support for the crusade from people who donate. They're just really happy to see us, we'll have people as we're going down the road actually come out of their house. The kids come out. They want to look at the truck. We'll let them get on the truck honk the horn I just love it. How many years have you all been donating? I'm not hearing. I'm not sure. So I've been volunteer for twenty years now. And these this is actually my son and his friend that are out with us now collect to how many times, have you guys been at this of been doing about four years. This is my first year nice first year. What do you think about? It's that's good. You're going to come back. Awesome. So forth year. You're kind of like a pro now what's your favorite part of all this man, just meeting people? And do you hear Nicole stories from folks that you get money from sometimes? Kevin is there are there, anyone is there anyone that you wanted to thank for donating? We're actually going to be downtown tomorrow. We'll have our list for full donations tomorrow at the town location. What about your goal though? Are you close? Honestly, I don't know. I've been out on a truck for the past few days. Okay. I don't know where we're at. We've been to collect a lot of money. What about last year, would you guys do last year? I'm gonna have to defer to somebody else. Thirty two thousand. It's good to have good health or get out there and collect. I don't keep up with how much we get well, what keeps you continuing to do this. I mean why do you guys care so much about? So I mean it's great calls, and we get to see some of the stories in here from some people that have benefited from the pretty cool to see the impacting biking life. And you actually said you are, and you have some people you wanna think yes, we are up just a little bit. I don't know how much but I do know we are up a little bit from this point last year. And yeah, we'd like to thank our businesses because without them these guys and their families come out, you know, after working all day, they come out, they don't have time to grab supper, and without the businesses, you know, we just couldn't wouldn't be able to feed them. And, you know, they volunteered to do this, all the most, we can do feed them their supper. Or these businesses look at all of them are extract goes out right now have Applebee's arby's bullies barbecue. Burger King, the new Cattlemen's in town. If you haven't tried. Them out. They're awesome. Kindergarten Cracker Barrel Dairy Queen, Domino's Doboy, which is the new Donut shop that just opened recently, L poco, El Nepal. Gustavo's hometown pizza jumbo buffet KFC. Mcdonald's one nineteen west main Papa Murphy's Papa John's human ice, wheat treats rallies. Shannon a big ours. Steve o's. That's amazing Taco Bell. The red pepper the wall, Wendy's cat. Let's more Kroger. Mcgrane Trud mar Marathon's speedway. Thornton's Walgreens, WalMart, blue bail and immaculate conception shirt while you so much for sharing that so many people think so many people donating and filling out the crusade for children as the mazing. Thank you so much for talking to us. We appreciate you guys. We're actually going to bring in another department now before we run that time on this location and have to go to the next one, it's a good thing, too. That's a good problem to have problems too many people think people to think. Yeah. All right. So we also want to talk about this building that we're in Daniel. This location here Ballard fill for the remote, Donna Adams truck. It has actually been off for almost twenty twenty twenty five years believe day, Dems, who is a son of dawn. There were Jill. I guess, all Donna obstruc together. They don't let all this this area force. Every year workers say, like Mitch and Oldham county stone. Somebody come in the parking lot. Is this what goes donation for Motown stone great? Great, folks. The head overtime stone together duo, Mitch and real briefly about Danny's father. Don, Don is usually around down here, but been feeling a little under the weather and has not been the best. They're great people. Great nail set to the community, and we always, like Mitch sewer certainly thinking about them at this time to would like for everybody to have the call. Some prayers with Don at this time most definitely, so looks like we're going to move on in here with Ballard's fill Ballard's villes coming in. We've had all these folks come in. I mean Keith, what do you think of all this is great? It's especially for the fire departments. Now within the curse, I start in nineteen fifty four. So what we're in our for me to remember this year. I was born but, you know, look at a hundred eighty million dollars. So that's a lot of money and a great deal of accounts from the efforts of these firefighters out here. He'll blood sweat, and tears fundraiser bake sale. We don't eliminate early that though. A great job with that. But just all the time that is spent..

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