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San Diego chargers this is no. Moved away. We'll like. I'm facing a similar crisis because the Indians are probably gonNA change their name. The redskins are are the Washington football team? Is probably going to be the Cleveland spiders at some point, which was their original name from the eighteen hundreds interesting her ray. Co Eight League. Well, you'll have saying that one day. One day. We'll talk I'm curious about your mindset because I know it's like. Well, in your in your new book, twelve months to one million, I know that's one of the chapters. Dedicate is the mindset and it sounds like obviously starting up from scratch anywhere you you gotta have a good mindset. So you obviously have a great one. You're human though so you're again valleys in your ebbs and flows I'm imagining. But what are some principles that you can live by day to day week to week to keep your head on straight with that pack if I if I could just pass one on, it'd be the longer term. You can think the better decisions you'll make. because. There's so many of us are in this after like, what is the immediate result going to be? But the longer you can think the better your results will be even in the short term. Give one of my mentors last week and were about ready to get to launch the single the capital's incubator, which is where we're going to be investing in advising a group of brands that come follow our process. And the person said to me. You'RE GONNA WANNA do like a really big launch out of the gate name again. FIVE MILLION DOLLARS And they said, but you need to find a way to sell this in a way that gets better over time and doesn't require you to the exact same thing that you did this time again next. That completely may be changed the approach of okay. If I want to be selling this five years from now, ten years from now, how I need to sell this now, because one was stacking the deck for really big launch right now but no long-term momentum but another would require me to go really small right now. But played me a better position five to ten years from now. And so there was a little bit an ego pill that I needed to swallow in order to make the decision of how am I going to promote this in a way that will be growing five years from now. On. All my cards in here and then have nothing to be doing the exact same thing five years from now. So if you can think about five ten years from now and do those things now you will get even better results even in the short. So that's that's. The one thing that I wish I could pass on every entrepreneur. How do you A.? It's interesting. Said this. We interviewed Steven Kotler the other week. Flow resurgent totally butters long company name but he was he said something about how when you envision yourself years I think it's passed like two or three years he started disassociate with that being you. So you Kinda. You almost like the goals are someone else's goals the further out in the future that you set them. So it's sometimes harder for people to stay with their goals and actually pumped up. It's like weight loss you want WanNa. Go lose one hundred pounds or whatever. In the three year plan, are there any things? that. You would do to stay on course or motivates yourself for someone else for? Vision light that yes. So you brought up weight losses, the example So I I worry about one eighty right now at the end of a bulk I, WANNA come down about one sixty and I was telling somebody I realize now that I don't have to lose twenty pounds I have to maintain one sixty. Yeah. So. Because I I know how to lose twenty pounds But I I.

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