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A florida man is facing one hundred twenty million dollar federal fine for allegedly making millions of calls sell bogus vacation packages adrian abramovich is accused of spoofing legitimate phone numbers to try to defraud consumers npr's yuki noguchi explains that the federal communications commission says the fine against the problem which is the largest ever imposed on an alleged robocaller the fcc says in three months abramovich place nearly a hundred million robo calls in an attempt to market timeshares or vacation packages abramovich allegedly tried to trick people into picking up the calls by using fake caller id information making it appear as though the calls are made locally the fcc says it has received numerous complaints about robot calls from abramovich operation specifically it also says the volume of crank calls from spoofed caller id numbers in general has doubled in the first few months of this year you kina gucci npr news washington in iraq polls are now open for the country's first parliamentary election since that the defeat of the islamic state in the country the oil producing nation has been unstable since two thousand three when the us led invasion toppled dictator saddam hussein many iranian voters have expressed doubt that new leadership can restore prosperity signing ongoing divisions between the country's three main ethnic and religious groups and there are now tensions between iraq's two main backers the united states and iran on wall street stocks closed generally higher the dow gained ninety one points i'm shay stevens npr news in.

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