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Many the how dare you bit bunchay pds uh but what i said was in the sinking titanic is that seamer kate winslet is like on the plank rights you'd look it up by the way why didn't or boyfriend i got a second time to float on the point with her fellow charges once i guess i'll freeze to death you're not you know if rilke were met day from the martian john were glued together the points ended million outboardmotor it would have saved everybody good point talk about paying resourceful but no of capri ups i care float review i will die uh she's looking up at the sky india at the seeking titanic is the wrong sky we know where the chip tag sank what time we know the renault clouds the wasn't even a mood a perfectly per was up there was only the wrong skunk me right out of the move it's no supply less lightly it's why it was not only the wrong sky it was only lazy sky because the left half bhd was a mirror reflection of the right half of the sky sundance this you calling me out at that point on the runway by the way i wouldn't mind it if you didn't if you didn't claimed the accuracy of the rest of the field i don't know if you remember that phil de went to the bottom yes images of the original titanic the state rooms the wall sconces the river it's on the side of the other thing was that everything was accurate and he just thomas sky so i i said i sent letters to james cameron amazon his studios and i never got a reply never again later on i bumped into a because i became served on the board of nasa then he was on another adviser like a celebrity advisory board and i met him at a conference you cornered and i i cornered him i said mr cameron i boutrou letter if he did you know he said well that was done in postproduction and so as he had less pass could by at but i wanted him to like grovel at my group together do not have so many years after that heat some magazine i forgot gives him.

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