Roosevelt, White Sox, WGN discussed on Dean Richards' Sunday Morning


Is now in the Yankees organization on the home of the Blackhawks Wildcats and White Sox. Baseball, anti WGN sports WGN traffic, the incident in the south loop is now clear we had an earlier chemical spill on canal street, which closed canal between Roosevelt and Harrison in both directions. That has now been cleared. Traffic is starting to move there. Still a problem though in forest you on Harlem avenue Harlem between the Stevenson and forty seventh street is closed because a car ran under a tanker truck. Crews on the scene there for a has met response in Hanover park. Watch for an accident at county farm road at lake street. And also me Eisenhower's traffic starting to build between route three ninety and the old post office inbound on the a little over half hour now from route three ninety into the city on the Kennedy. It is slow outbound between Lawrence and Harlem and a twenty five minute trip on the Kennedy inbound from O'Hare to downtown. It sounds like you've given us every possible piece of traffic information, we could possibly want on a Sunday morning, not a single street corner. Or hamlet of Chicago has not been reported on this morning in your traffic reports live you Mr. Easter bunny. Pete breath. Because Maxwell street has closed the splaine's between Roosevelt and Harrison. And do they have a beautiful day for the next market today or what? It is they used to say nine thousand nine hundred great.

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