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Podcast bird doing a little livestream for Earth Day. Everybody playing with the three way video stream here after some technical funds we gotta going but we just wanted to have a chance to to get on and chat a little bit. Because it's the fiftieth anniversary of birthday and we just didn't want to miss it so You know it's not the best of circumstances in the world right now but I'll say is that a long standing event and so it was kind of looking over at her stay dot com as I look towards my my computer monitor here to see kind of what they've gone on that got actually Some virtual things going on today so you can actually tune in live. They've been going on. There's somebody talking right now But there are in the middle of their discussion. So I'm not sure what there is A. There's also some other events that you can kick -ticipant hand and you can check out some of the things that are a part of the Earth Day movement all around So that might be stop for earth. Day Tony Tony if you haven't been there yet which is a Earth Day. Outta work as Ram as we are well as we are winding down the day. So what have you been doing today? Bar I've been doing a lot because you know I work in the area. I was thinking about doing Earth Day stuff and been doing it a long time and on my fingers. I could list like more than fifty organizations. I know that are doing things. We had a whole celebration today. We're doing or days everyday. My geography students don't normally get a chance in the spring to do geography awareness. Week so I combine the two together and we're doing. Gis Day geography. Where he this week with an Earth Day theme And as a university we did a Lib Guide which is something I just found out about which is where you work with libraries to basically put all your resources up online and people can share it worldwide we made a repository of Earth Day events going on around the world and in our state and then we did a lot of citizen. Science listing because also citizen science weeks citizen science month. I've seen a lot of Australia for their citizens science because they're doing a lot of events but they also have a stamp to celebrate the people in their country that have contributed contributed to it. And then I was going through the list of other events because it is citizen science month on month in our state. We've got a box turtle count going on where you can go out in your yard now and you might not be able to go far. Be Can do a box turtle count. It's also the dark dark skies so with NASA. It's the international dark sky week to go out tonight and a bunch of states are competing countries are competing to go out and make their observations It's rails to trails week which I found really fit with urban geography the switching over from rails to trails and what that means and it's national volunteer week which goes along with citizen science and with geography and people doing crowdsourcing being asked to contribute. It is National Library Week. Which goes along again with all the geography in the books. In which books would you select? I actually will. I'd have to reach behind me but I'm donating a book to our library from someone that we interviewed here. It is Linda Garay Matthias and we talked to her geospatial team and so I wanted to do that because she always talked about how. We were all hummingbirds. You just do what you can what you can just adds up and I was thinking about the people that I've met met judge potter. He is considered the father of the environmental courts and we invited them to our state to try to figure out. Could we do that here? And it turned out. We couldn't but he came many times and what he talked about in terms was basically and he didn't realize it at the time with mapping was at a lot of things fall through the cracks. When you're talking about the small things with public health like the elderly that are having problems fixing up their houses or someone. That's selling over. And over bad baby food but the community notices. And if they're mapping it if they are tracking it then that helps to change things but that that's what I was you know thinking about and then Charles Moore. Who does the Great Pacific Garbage Patch going out there? In the fact that it was unknown when Earth Day was started but it was probably starting to accumulate at the time but now we know about it and we can do something about it so I guess what I'm saying is it amazed me all the little things that over time the little bits add up to big things an absolutely received that not in the best circumstances obviously With all of US hopefully Doing what we can to stay at home and things like that but you know images that are getting out there of how the environment is changing just in the few weeks and in some cases a couple of months where our behaviors have changed right. Were not as much moving around us. He's going on Whether it's satellite imagery or photographs footage that people have been taking it. You see the difference right in our impact on the environment in the earth. A just in that amount of time that you know we've all had to make strategic change to try to contain this this terrible pandemic but but I think that's a direct visual representation of really how we do impact the world this amazing to think we can see that now but they couldn't see that back then when this was going on at other times you imagine if they could have seen you know how it affected things changed in just the images of streets that are empty and stuff going on Jon. Snow would have had a lot different. You know experience if he could have viewed things that's true we'll sue stole my thing so I guess that's about it. It's kind of a wrap up for Earth Day. Two Thousand Twenty again. We're kind of coming at the end of the day so If you are curious as to what happened and I want to be able to get access to some of the recorded media had replaces dorte Earth Day dot org of course go ahead and start planning for next year whether we're talking about Earth Science Week in the fall geography awareness. Week a three weeks later and of course Earth Day next year for the fifty first and fifty first anniversary. I'm going to stop trying to talk. A- jump between the fiftieth and then the fifty first you might see a future movement that you know comes into play everyone's experiencing something together. I'm really hopeful that you know even though everybody's really worried about the economy right now that people do take into account what's been going on environmentally both in terms of animals. Kinda wandering Further afield being able to see things remote-sensing Hopefully people will be taking those into account as we do get things going again absolutely so so hopefully everyone out. There is doing well and You know we're doing what we need to now to make sure that we can all come out of this in and get a chance to go further field again so happier every day. Right every day yes yep..

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