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I least expected to hear Wesley more say in two thousand eighteen for four hundred Alex shebek what is the thing that Omarosa did while she was in the White House? She recorded everything. She used her TJ reported what she wanted to record. Liberia, Blaby rephrase that. She's led us to believe that she recorded everything. We don't actually know what she has proof of or not. She said they're two hundred tapes. We've seen a handful, so we'll see right and you know how prone these people are at an exaggeration and their relation truth. But I do find it really fascinating. That a lot of what is conjoining these projects in some ways is this question around how we identify racism in what racism ought to look like and in the case of black klansman. I mean, you just can't get more racist than the Ku Klux Klan, right? And in Omarosa case, these sort of presiding moral energy of this book is not only that Trump is a racist. It's I know there's somewhere out there, proof of his racism and the only proof. I'm going to write this book and I'm going to give you twenty examples of racist things. Donald Trump is done, but the only one that I really think anybody cares about and the only one I can actively identify is being racist enough for me to even consider changing my opinion of Donald Trump thoroughly like irrevocably is that he might. Have used the n. word on a number of occasions and there might be proved that he did. Yeah, this is the thing that kind of drives me crazy about this whole thing is the way the racism conversation has to be delivered to us in the most obvious and and right familiar terms. And on the one hand, it has to be the clan. And on the other hand, it has to be that this man has called somebody a nigger. On numerous occasions, right? As many people have pointed, this is not an original thought, but it's interesting Omarosa you've known from the giddy up about Donald Trump's Yash and ship to non white people. Yeah, and no matter how often you present Sean combs and Russell Simmons and Don King as examples of black people that Donald Trump and had close relationships with. You also know because it's in your book. All of the things that Donald Trump is said about all kinds of other black people and the way that you describe him treating other black people in this book. Like, here's a scene in which Donald Trump goes and gives this speech to this black church in Detroit..

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