Linda Tepper of Crater Lake Klamath Regional Airport



The heralded news news learn is now. Empowering the community. So the news, your news now with falls, Oregon. Podcast, empowering the community and serving mclamb basin. This is the URL the news facing these top. Readings in welcome to base and views a herald news podcast featuring interviews with local experts discussing issues important to the climate basin. I'm Cridland key with the herald news this week. We are joined by Linda tapper business manager for the crater lake claim at the regional airport here to discuss a wide range of issues related to aviation and the climate basin. Linda, thank you for taking time out of your day. Does to join us in glad to be here. We will get into all kinds of aviation related topics, but I, I have to ask about the airport name itself because how often each day do you have to correct people? Because I people just called the claim with airport, right? But it's the crater lake regional airport. It is. And when I first started with the airport, it was the Klamath falls international airport. So then we dropped in became the Klamath falls airport just for concise purposes. And then a number of years ago, we actually went to the crater lake Klamath regional airports which is quite the mouthful, but it was done too tight of tie in with a major attraction. We have. Hearing Klamath county, which is the crater lake national park and to gain some additional tie ins and traffic. Hopefully, as people looked at planning to come visit that park, how they would get here and be able to use the airport to do so. Well, before we delve into issues related to the airport ongoing right now, I always like to get a little bit of background on our guests. So could you tell us a little bit more about who Linda Tupper is? Sure. So I grew up for the most part in Oregon. Moved here when I was not yet to. So I'm almost an native Oregonian. I grew up in the Willamette Valley went to Oregon state university and then on to Portland state university where I got my MBA degree and then moved down to Klamath falls in ninety five. Oddly enough. My background is in animal science as an undergraduate degree. And then I have the my business administration degree from Portland state. So I was looking for a job in agriculture and unfortunately, I didn't find one, but the airport department had a department. Pretorial position coming open and my background. My father was a commercial airlines pilot for United Airlines for thirty five plus years. So aviation is kind of second nature to our family. So seemed to good fit and I applied for it and received the position. And I've been there ever since enjoying it immensely. It's very exciting field always something new going on, and I enjoy interacting with the public in all aspects of aviation that we encounter at our airport from generally VA, Asian to usually commercial aviation and military as well. We'll some of that roundabout stuff. I, my major in college was earn article science and so I- studied aviation now, Emma journalist, you started animal science and now you're in aviation, so however it works out, right. So how did you go from animal science into being involved with the Asian industry? So like as when I moved down here to Klamath falls, the airport department position came open. And it was seemed a good fit for me with the background. My family has an aviation and I recognize that probably for myself, it's a certain skill set that I enjoy using. So it didn't matter the industry, whether it's agricultural animal science or aviation or even medical. It was a certain skill set that I enjoyed using, which is organizational. Business skills, communication, writing, and things like that. So I sort of happily took to the aviation field, and as I got more involved in it really expanded that different types of duties that I was doing at the airport in became the business manager at that time. So what does your role as a business manager entail for a public airport for our airports since way are as small department. There is a staff of six. There's the airport director, the operations manager myself, the business manager, and then we have three operations maintenance positions that oversee the airfield upkeep. So for myself, I tell people that I pretty much manage all the paper that comes through the office. So everything from answering the phones to doing accounts payable, counts receivable to managing grants to public relations marketing. Those are all items that I take on on a daily basis. I'm also. Charge of some of the regulatory items that we are in sponsor for doing at the airport when it comes to the FAA for annual reports to meet our regulatory or grant assurances that we have through the FAA's. So a lot of paperwork sounds

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