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So I took that job and we did quite well. Is the global television network. So there's a picture and I'm trying to remember it was trying to remember some of the players that were featured in the picture. None of it was the first season as the blizzard with a second. And I don't know if it was. I just don't remember. I will find it and I will Email it to you. But do you remember a game in the early part of one of those first seasons, either eighty or eighty one where it was actually snowing almost sure. Absolutely. It was. In fact, if my memory's correct it, it wasn't snowing before the game or in the first half. But when the players came home for the second half, it was pouring down. Yeah, it's it's, it's a great picture and I will. I will post it when we post this. No, no, no, absolutely. It was. It was snowing. It was the perfect, welcome for the blizzard. It's hilarious. So all right. So give me a sense then of the nine thousand nine hundred nineteen hundred. You're you're, you're leading the Toronto blizzard. You're still very much involved in the league. So I guess I have sort of two questions in regard to that. So one. With the New York cosmos and all of their shall we say, vaunted success or at least perceived success in your rear view mirror and having been with with at least one other club and now a second club since then. I'm really curious to hear your. What was your perception of the league at that point in in your Toronto management days? When did you sort of see things go a little, shall we say, wobbly in this county four league thing, I can say what year or precisely won't, but as the days months or years boss, a long believably stupid decisions were made by the league. For example, the Lee has an executive years and the committee which consisted of. You know, people like Lamar hunt and Lee stern, you know, George strawbridge and Trump of sensible people and me, and suddenly all these new people because we expended that was it. We had an expansion and the expansion blowing a bunch of new people who are the same kind of idiot, who ruined us in the first place because they changed this executive committee and each division had to have his person and the people on the executive committee. I think with maybe one exception, we're sitting the people who had not. Had five minutes experience in the league before, and so decisions were made that were totally ridiculous. I mentioned before mentioned earlier, these idiot Rockstars who owned Philadelphia, who just had no idea what they were doing. They were. They weren't in Philadelphia. They were just somewhere where they had a team and you know the dreadful job there. We had terrible job in western Canada, Calgary, and Edmonton where two people, they will one of them any living jail, and then the TV people in Toronto go to well, then first of all, the the, the people in Montreal, which was, oh, the big brewers owned the club, and we're doing a good job, whatever the Bruins. Molton less, right? Yes. And they quit because of the idiocy of a decision. How is I'm hills made and they were so perturbed the way it was made so casually that they quit. And then TV people quit and they sold it to Philo coll- costing them worse to be owned a bunch of hotels, including the your hunter in in Toronto and was a soccer fan. German guy. Has your kind of your being the old name of Toronto Hanover being where he came from Germany and we were doing okay, but then he got into terrible trouble business dealings in Bermuda in Germany and all kinds of places. And was I, I'm not sure if he ended up prosecutors or not, but it was bad days. For him and that same time the Lee was finding the stupidity of its expansion because some of the expansion guys like the in western Canada where ruining things and some of the good guys like molten in Montreal decided they didn't want to do business with idiots. Stay in business with with people who are doing everything wrong. So then he started the fold Volta pieces game and I had forgotten until you're as this subject..

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