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Are pushing the boundaries of covert 19 social distancing requirements, adding an additional 38 beds for the winter blast. If somebody stays outside The temperature's do dropped to 18 degrees right with snow and all of that they might not wake up tomorrow, the Snohomish County Human Services Department says of shelters. Philip Overflow area is set up at the Sky Valley Cold weather shelter in Monroe. And any homeless provider covering the cost of a cab to get there will be reimbursed. And that's cool. Most Jonathan Chung King County sheriff's detective has been fired for incendiary social Media posts. Mitzi Joe Hang Nick terminated long time Detective Mike Brown for what she called damaging confidence and trust in the sheriff's office. The Post's apparently mocked and endorsed violence against racial justice protesters. According to the Times. Brown had been a deputy for over 40 years who had been a member of the protection unit assigned to King County executive Dow Constantine. He was fired Thursday after a due process hearing, but Brown can challenge his termination. Jeff Pooja. Look, Come on News. Come on news time 605 time for a check on traffic. We did that every 10 minutes on the force from the Dubin Law Group Traffic Center. Here's to Romero. Overall, things are looking pretty good on the freeways in King and Snohomish County's, But there are a couple of things being reported right now. A stalled vehicle in Seattle First north on I five. In the express lanes very near 45th in the U District in the right lane, but not a huge backup because not a lot of cars out at the moment, also still reported in the Everett like Stevens area West on highway to the ramp near state route 204 partially blocking, But like I said, not a huge back up there in the south and.

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