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The best but i do i don't want to say he is owed twice i mean cause the consistency every single year he does it have all the time the greatest players wrong and a lot of times are in and out well was gone a couple other guys are gone he does have a great one and how he of bob but his teammates to work it doesn't matter one i continue to tell you for years this time for you to retire one problem are talk about on i i say it all the that's chris berman and jim kelly the hall of fame quarterback from _e_s_p_n i love the berman's question i mean just and ask him i don't have to say is none of this it is in the best of all time it's a it's a is not an out of nowhere question if you're asking about like jon kitna yeah the be a weird question but he has about tom brady it's a fair question just go ahead and asked the question curious jim harbaugh look to you and we can ask in my five found her big fan he comparing and things like that you're you're pointed out the fact that the most remarkable thing to tom brady's ever done is troy touchdown pass to four different white for see person in came and i was sunday so the did and that's a good test or says interesting so that you got their david do kirk so he was to make the nfl great again good one white receiver at a time so i heard somebody pointed out on the radio just let it was worth bringing up it's pretty funny some donald trump is one of his friends some more tonight here i like this one eleven on eleven sport rings aren't everything you put the nine on nine this one is ten eleven on eleven.

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