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The day up cattle prices haunt futures both ending higher at the mark now the wgn forecast here's tom skilling and judy humidity's will continue their slow upward trend that smoke you see in the air overhead that's coming off western wildfires it's spread out across a good part of the country you can track it on the satellite imagery seems to be holding temperatures down a few degrees but readings will build slowly to along with all this there's a chance of some thunderstorms coming on the scene at first scattered but a few of them in the afternoons on saturday i just may produce some heavy downpours tonight partly cloudy warm moderate humidity no rain low seventy one friday partly sunny hazy becoming hot higher humidities high up to ninety three friday night partly cloudy chance of a thunderstorm low seventy three and saturday occasional son through the building clouds very warm and humid scattered afternoon and evening thunderstorms now few of those could produce some downpours and wind gusts high up to ninety saturday sunday partly sunny hot humid a few scattered afternoon storms and a high of ninety two from the wgn weather center i'm tom skilling judy thank you tom it is eighty six degrees at o'hare midway eightysix palatine eighty seven it's eighty four degrees along chicago's lakefront winds are south west nine miles an hour the barometer is steady and the lake michigan water temperature seventy five degrees i'm pretty pilot in the wgn newsroom ready to join the conversation whenever a story changes on chicago's very own seven twenty wgn.

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