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John and ken show john kobylt chiampou kfi am six forty just talking to assemblywoman melissa valente as republican familiar in empire and there was a storm of emails that i noticed coming from republicans because yesterday in sacramento democrats they don't need one single republican votes pass a budget it's a simple majority situation and they did that but you know now we have this situation with apparently surpluses and what to do with them and what they appeared to be doing he said for governments over the years not to save money that's fiscally irresponsible we've seen it what happens in a downturn devastating cuts classrooms get close teachers laid off potholes aren't filled people starved because they lost food assistance or so full of so full of crap here's point san francisco democrats pretending that they're fiscally conservative then you know there's some kind of scam going on besides what they do when we hit a big downturn we how many times i was talking to we spend on this they don't do a lot of cuts they reach for more tax increases that's what they'll do and that's what they're going to do again and i'm suspicious that these reserves if we don't hit a recession anytime anytime soon they're just going to take them and spend it more on social programs or maybe raises for government employees or whatever else.

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