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But the problem with that is to Reduce D. H. T. significantly enough to affect hair loss throughout your body. You'RE GONNA have a ton of side effects you'd have to take so much appreciate that it would destroy your body so John. I'm curious what is distinct. Paint a picture for what is dissolution. From what I understand the three pots to it exactly three things. I use the shampoo with a brush in the shower. I wet my hair. I put it in the shampoo and I use these brushes that I brush my scalp like vigorously with the shampoo and that helps the shampoo. Penetrate the skin epidermis and I'll leave that shampoo and for five ten minutes so that's one and then the second thing that I do is at night every night. I used roller with topical liquid solution so I rolled out on my scalp before bed and then I apply the topical liquid solution so the roller helps it. Penetrate to alkyl. And that's it. Those are the three things. Well okay so I understand the roller I understand the microbe rations. So That's interesting. Now tell us about the shampoo. What's in that shampoo so the shampoo the main ingredients caffeine thinking? Niacin or three ingredients. And it's this accustomed shampoo. It's a custom shampoo that we're working on trying to make this available. I mean like I said with the at the roadblocks were hoping to make this available to everybody soon but those are the main ingredients the shampoo that have a synergistic effect that actually dissolved the HD. In the scowl. I see okay. And then what about the dropper what's this dropper that we are dropping on our head what is the substance so the dropper is a ethanol base ethanol watering appropriate? And Go. I call that the delivery but it has caffeine zinc nice and retinal which is another ingredient. That helps penetrate through the Durmus. We still keep Minoxidil in there. But we use this very specific fatty acid. That is blocking. Dht from attaching to the hair. Follicle I see okay. So you'll regimen. Is You wash your hair? How many days a week with this shampoo wash seven days a week? Okay and then you apply the dropper and then you used to comb at night yeah so you can Chiampou anytime but you wanNA apply to liquid at night when your hair is dry. Okay and how often do you use? The abrasive comb only like once or twice a week. Got It okay. Cool so is really fascinating. So I'm really curious about these guys. John has sent me all three ingredients. I'm going to start a test on this in about a month. I'm going to let you guys know how it goes and for people who want to try the solution out. Where can they find you John? Yes so I wrote a book and there's a lot you know. It's I really appreciate you having me not a lot of information but I wrote a book that they can download for free at hair loss secrets. Dotcom SECRETS DOT COM. Okay and I want to share with you guys why I brought Jon on firstly. When I met John I just felt that his intention his purpose his heart was so so pure and he really wanted to do this because he's experienced a pain that so many men have felt. I've been in that situation as well. The doubt the uncertainty wondering what the hell needed to do to mitigate hal loss and I know how tough and how so many good alternative therapies never make it through the FDA and thus don't get their chance with the general public. I wanted to bring John onto this podcast. Because based on the ingredients that he shed based on what he suggested they doesn't seem to be any serious side effects and it would be interesting of a couple of US got to try this out and share results and see what happened. And maybe we could help a great inventor like John Bring something that could truly benefit the world to more people so John. Thank you for your service. I know you were trying to solve your own problem. That as an inventor a creator I honor you for coming up with something so innovative. I've seen the fall after pictures of men who have used this. Does this work but women as well absolutely. Yeah give us the domain again hair. Loss SECRETS DOT COM. Check it out and feel free to contact. John Does nothing in this bombing folks. I simply wanted to get more people in my audience. Experimenting with forms of biohacking that could radically improve the physiology in a safeway. And I thought this is something we might want to pay attention to you because I have so many friends who are going through this right now and I can tell you it is frigging painful and everyone is frustrated that there are no good solutions out there so if this works this is a blessing to the world. So thank you John and for those of you listening. Please check out halo. Secrets Dot Com John. Any closing words. Thank you so much. You inspired me everyday man. I really appreciate your time. Thanks Ben and if you enjoyed this episode of Mine Valley podcast please leave us a review and mentioned John Goss. That's John G. O. S. S. I'm vicious Kiani. And this is the Mind Valley podcast..

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