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Have no idea. Absolutely, Marianne. And we've heard from other listeners about this too. We've had questions from Andy and Lebanon, Indiana, Sally and sturgeon bay, Wisconsin, ray and Wisconsin, and Jim and maryville Tennessee as well, and probably others that I'm forgetting. This kind of buck three 80 falls in what we might call indefinite hyperbolic numerals. These are terms used for approximate small dollar amounts. And there are a lot of variations on this one. Dollar three 80, buck one 80, buck two 80, about three 80, buck three 90, about two 98, buck two 95, and these are all exactly what you said. You had it exactly right. They're all about kind of evading the real number. Sometimes because you're embarrassed that it was too high. Sometimes because you're embarrassed so low. Sometimes just to dismiss the thing as being important, which sounds like what your father sometimes did as well. It's not your business to know. Yeah, I was trying to do the math there and think, well, how many pennies would that be? But it makes sense of it. And you know, it just didn't make any sense to us. We're just like a buck three 80. Okay, dad. Sure. Thanks for playing. It's not necessarily just that particular amount, whatever that amount is. I mean, there's also nickel 95, for example. 77. Yeah. Yeah, these are all made up numbers. None of these numbers are real. They're all completely invented. Whoever says it, they don't mean it. Yeah, he was having fun. Oh, he did. And he had a bunch of us have fun with, so that's really fun to hear that there's a lot of different ways to do it. But yeah, we always knew just stop asking. You're not getting anywhere. Well, I'd imagine a man with 8 kids gets tired of questions. So he probably had a lot of adventure techniques. Yes he did. He did indeed. Well, thank you so much. That's really fun to hear and it just will be a delight for my family to hear about it too. So thank you. It's a delight to have you share your memories. We really appreciate it. Thank you all. Bye bye. Bye bye. Memories and language go hand in hand. Call us with your language questions. Tell us about your memories, 877-929-9673, words at wayward radio dot org or on Twitter at WA ORD. Thanks to senior producer Stephanie Levine, editor Tim Felton, and production assistant Rachel Elizabeth weisler. You can send us messages, subscribe to the podcast and newsletter and catch up on hundreds of past episodes at wayward radio dot org. Our toll free line is always open in the U.S. and Canada, 877-929-9673, or email us, words at wayward radio dot ORG. Away with words is an independent production of wayward Inc, a nonprofit supported by listeners and organizations who are changing the way the world talks about language. Many thanks to wayward board member and our friend Bruce rogo for his help and expertise. Thanks for listening. I'm grant Barrett. And I'm Martha Barnett. Until next time, goodbye. Bye bye.

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