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Ritual with me Garrett Lewis, Kansas T AM seven hundred Tucson's. Most stimulating talk three things. I think you need to know number one is the fact that the White House, President Trump invited Republicans and Democrats to the White House to get a briefing on border security, Democrats, finally accepted, Chuck and go there, and they go to the situation room and when cures to Neal's the homeland security secretary is about to speak to give stats about what's happening at the border. Chuck Schumer interrupt, sir and keeps interrupting again, and again, and again, you'd want to hear anything she had to say. Nothing at all. And the Republicans are missing the boat. This is clear evidence that the Democrats do not care about border security, but that is not coming from Trump's mouth or any of the Republicans mouth. It's pathetic. Second thing that I think you need to know is the fact that Democrats do not want to pay for any border security that includes a wall, but they want to keep the government to get there and back open and the Bill they have introduced doesn't give any money to building a wall. The building introduced to to open up the government again to fund it doesn't include a penny to build the wall. But it does include money for taxpayers to fund abortion. Yup. That's what they are trying to do. Third thing. I think you need to know state rep here in Arizona, Mark Finchem for moral valley. We're gonna get him on Tuesday morning at seven ten because he's not available right now. Let's talk about this. He has a Bill that actually would get teachers fired. Let me is going to happen. When you get more detail miss, but we could actually allow teachers to be fired if they talk about politics or controversial subjects in class. I'm not a prude, but this is all based on teachers trying to brainwash their students that red for Ed was a good movement, and they should support it, and blah, blah, blah, and parents got mad. He's trying to do something about it. And now Finchem is being attacked and called the Nazi word. He actually sent me emails. He showed me each semi screen shots. She has apparently he is being called a Nazi for this by people that don't like it. And that just nice. That's what the Nazis did three things. I think you need to know again, he'll be on the show Tuesday morning at seven ten because he's he's out of town right now. Now, we have a lot to get to our I want you to hear. I want you to hear. Congressman Tim Ryan from Ohio. He's on NBC news just a little while ago. MSNBC I should say they all the countdown clocks, by the way, the countdown government shutdown twelve days, ten hours, twelve minutes. They all the clocks, FOX MSNBC. I'm assuming CNN watch. It is what is so Tim Ryan is sitting in DC Capitol Hill. He's talking with hallie Jackson and Halley Jackson said so Pelosi seems to have some optimism there about this shutdown negotiation, but you achieve make clear Democrats not want to give money for a wall. If you have that position. Do you understand why some Democrats will see this as is their fault because they don't wanna give money for the wall? I mean, that's what it comes down to. And Tim Ryan responded like this. Well, there are also Republicans in border states.

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