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In abu dhabi. Of course he's the hangman himself. Dan hooker highly anticipated. Fight against michael chandler fight. That just came together apparently a couple of weeks ago. Dan appreciate the time as you're getting set to go out to abu dhabi. Can i ask. When did you find out that you were fighting. Michael chandler because this kind of came together very recently. I've known i've made about a while night about it. I've been training pretty hard for about six. And a half weeks for micro channels so yeah always appreciate about this a while ago. So i'm i'm a more than really at this point. I would imagine you like the idea of finding chandler. There's a lot of buzz surrounding him. He's a fresh face former champion and bell tower when they offered you this. Was it a no brainer for you. Owe one hundred percent the the whole cod. You know the first I pay view of the economy. Greg todd doesn't poor it's a. It's a huge cat. And he's a big name you know they'd put them in as the backup for the title. That shows how much stock they put behind. The guy. And i put my is one of the first guys to put my hand up in salad. Welcome to see saw. Yeah i was excited. That name came through in all excited about the cat and opportunity and to fight on fight island as well. A guy like chandler. Who made a name for himself from bell. Talk for about a decade former champion a couple times there one fifty five. Are you familiar with him before they offer you him or before he comes to see. Are you a guy that watches bell tower and other organizations definitely. I definitely watch as much flights as i can buy more and more say from the scene down at the local sick down he has. Wasn't i definitely knew who he was. And i'd seen highlights of highlights office fights with any hours on when when he came with the ufc. Oh go back in. Just have a quick little button. I hadn't done any real study on on channel until the fight came through. And i wasn't that a way of his career and his accomplishments going back and having a look at what he's done in ballato and seeing the very early on he was fighting at a high level and bella toy twenty something in that organization. So he's been at the top tier for a long time so i definitely understand going back and watching his korea on the excitement around him coming over to the u. of c. Is definitely warranted. Now that you have done that work that that homework so to speak. Are you impressed with them. Like you consider him a top tier. You have see lightweight based on what you've seen. Yeah i consider him. I consider skill set. And he's accomplished and what he's capable of doing to be the at the elite level but yeah we just we just. I know because he hasn't been in the competed against a lot of a lot of friendly faces. So yeah this. I'm excited as you guys out to see how how he is against the guys on the side so you know when he signed with the ufc though some talk of him fighting. Tony ferguson dust. Emporia those senate come to fruition. Then he was the backup for the title in october when he first sign. I said i think it would be apropos for him to fight a dan hooker. Paul felder like you kind of have to earn your spot in the most stack division in the sport and yet it seemed like he was at one point going to bypass that now he ends up with you. Did you feel the same way like when you heard that he was a backup for a title. Fight a title by the way that you've never fought for. Did it rub you the wrong way. Like i knew he was kind of you know the rumors that he was coming to the day. Hit sign with the u. of c. And i wasn't yeah wasn't too concerned about the whole thing. And then they then they put him as the backup for the title. And i was like well that fight now interests me. That's a fight that i would like you know if you'll putting him in as backup auto. I would like to old like to take that spa. I would like to get in there. Beat them and take take that spa and put myself back in Back in contention. Wanted to just go back if i could prior to the chandler. Fight for a minute there. It seemed like you were in the crosshairs of one nathan d as it like he was targeting. You and then. I kinda just fizzled away. What happened nothing happened. No this easies games. They come a lot of respect for the. You know. I myself the fan of your watch. The what's the diaz brothers seen him compete love. How game they are. I would love to get out there and compete against one of them So yeah i you put my hand up full flight. Whatever weight he would choose the fight it just because that that fight on and then the will which he fights intrigues me a lot. He's gonna come these kinda pace in these. He's gonna bring the fight. So that's that's always got me excited but yeah nothing. Nothing came to fruition permit it. No one called. You know one asked if you're interested nothing at all. Na na no nothing nothing would you have done it at one. Seventy one hundred percent maybe as one eighty whatever he wants to fight it just would would just be good cool very cool for me Very surreal to compete against them. Okay so then let me ask you if you beat. Michael chandler on the twenty third. Would you still be interested in revisiting that or do you feel at that point that you would be past. That point would always I'll be open to there. I'll definitely be open to their fight. You know if they if they seriously he came in approach me about that. It would be at any stage of my career to be very difficult for me to ten that. Fight down that fight you know. I made the point. Now where they really want to fight guys you excite you exciting fights or fights get you get you out of bed so to speak. And that is one of those. So we're talking here you're you're still at. Ck city kickboxing in auckland. You're you're on your way in just a few hours to go to abu dhabi and correct me. If i'm wrong because i read this in a couple of places after the fight next weekend you won't be able to return home for a month you'll have to stay abu dhabi.

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