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College coming up a man accused of opening fire on a synagogue and San Diego County makes his first court appearance. Good morning are the US in Iran inching closer to conflict this morning. The State Department has ordered all non-emergency government employees to leave Iraq as soon as the camp. It's morning edition from NPR news. National security officials are reportedly reviewing plans to send up to one hundred twenty thousand US troops to the region if threats from Iran intensified, I'm Rachel Martin. And I'm Noel king coming up. We are in the middle of one of the biggest housing booms in US history and Alabama is poised to put into place one of the most restrictive antiabortion laws in the country. The only exception to the ban is if the mother's life is at serious risk or what the Bill calls a fetal anomaly, it is Wednesday may fifteenth happy birthday to tennis star Andy Murray. He's thirty two years old today. And the news is next. Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm korva Coleman. The State Department has ordered most American staff at its embassy in Iraq and a consulate to leave that country. NPR's? Jane row reports the order comes after the US alleged that Iranian backed groups could target Americans in the region. The State Department said the departure applied to all non-emergency or non essential personnel. There being pulled out of Iraq for at least thirty days longer, if the orders renewed it applies to the US embassy in Baghdad which is a huge fortified compound in the Iraqi capitals protected green zone and at the us consulate in Erbil air bills. The capital of the Kurdistan region of Iraq. And it's considered one of the safest places in the country. The order also means that consular operations are suspended and Iraqis won't be able to get visas NPR's, Jane raff reporting, the Trump administration is threatening to further escalate the ongoing trade dispute with China NPR's Windsor Johnston report. It's the White House has released an extensive list of additional Chinese goods that could face new tariffs of up to twenty five percent. President Trump has repeatedly insisted that China not US consumers will bear the cost of the tariffs. Mark Zandi chief economist at Moody's analytics says, that's not true. Sheriffs are being ordered by American businesses and consumers over paying more for the higher tariffs. So Chinese is expecting their business, but they're not paying for this. We're paying for the proposed tariffs would affect an additional three hundred billion dollars in Chinese goods ranging from livestock to children's toys. The new duties could take affect as early as late June following a public comment hearing Windsor, Johnston NPR news, Washington. Alabama state senators have passed legislation banning all abortions, unless the mother's health is at risk. Kyle Gass at a Troy public radio reports supporters hope if the matter is signed into law that it's challenged up to the supreme court. Democrats have been making impassioned an unsuccessful pleased to their Republican colleagues to support an amendment that would create exceptions in cases of rape and incest, at least one Republican agreed with them. Senator Cam ward is the head of the committee that. Added the amendment ward says he doesn't see the Alabama Bill making it to the high court, but other laws may have a chance. I think eventually you're going to see a challenge before supreme court where they're going to have to either Opole Roe v. Wade or overturn Revie way. I think that's coming to the question is what day if the Bill signed into law by the governor doctors who perform abortions could face up to ninety nine years in prison from PR news. I'm Kyle Gasset in Montgomery, Alabama. On Wall Street. The Dow Jones industrials are down one hundred forty seven points at twenty five thousand three hundred seventy seven the NASDAQ is down eleven points at seventy seven hundred twenty three. You're listening to NPR and seven four I'm Cheri Glazer. With KCRW news, a nineteen year old land suspected of attacking a Jewish synagogue in San Diego County has pleaded not guilty to federal hate crime charges. John Ernest spoke briefly during a court hearing yesterday acknowledging his name and saying he agreed with the decision by court appointed. Attorney not to seek bail Ernest is accused of bursting into the hubbub of Powys synagogue last month and opening fire with an assault rifle killing one person and injuring three others. Prosecutors say they have not decided whether they'll seek the death penalty. A freelance journalist whose home and office were raided by police in the bay area is threatening legal action. If the cops don't return, his cameras computers and hard drives right away. Brian Carmody says he got a copy of a police report about the death of San Francisco public defender, Jeff watchi- who was a well known. Police critic Carmody then sold the report to local news outlets. The SF says the report was illegally leaked and officers armed with a sledgehammer search comedies apartment a couple of days ago with guns drawn he was a lawful. And frankly, pretty outrageous David Snyder is the executive director of the first amendment coalition. He says the raid, violates the state law that bars authorities from using search warrants to obtain information from confidential sources, but San Francisco supervisor Sandra Lee, fewer says the two search warrants were justified because she says as a stringer Carmody merely sells video footage and information. I don't know who met the threshold of. As a journalist because he doesn't really report. San Francisco's new public defenders says he's pleased police are investigating and he says the reports released was wrong Carmody says he hasn't been able to work since the police took his acquaint good news. If you're looking to buy a home in California. A new report says prices this year should be more affordable or at least less expensive than last year. KCRW? Kaley wells explains why now may be the time to buy. It's a combination of rising income falling interest rates and low home prices nearly one third of buyers in the state can afford a median priced California home, which by the way is still more than half a million dollars that doesn't mean bargain. Prices. Most buyers nationwide can afford the US median price home at a quarter million dollars many shit considered buying right now Oscar ways in a communist with the California association of realtors which put out the report when you combine launcher streets and flooding home prices. And also increase in income looks like, you know, housing Florida blue will improve compared to last year. And he says lower interest rates means homes won't spend as much time sitting on the market. So even with lower sale prices. It's a good time for sellers to make a move to. But affordability depends.

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