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Welcome back to the big ticket. I'm talking to Lily Collins the thirty one year old actor stars in the new Netflix series emily in Paris as a young marketing exempt from Chicago whose unexpectedly transferred to Paris. Filming the show on location in the city of Lights Collins was also criss crossing continents to prep in Los. Angeles Bank David fincher coming drama about the making of Citizen Kane, I spoke to collins from her home in. Los Angeles. There you are. I. How are you good value look. Fabulous. Thank I'm wearing pants on the bottom so I'm lily wearing shorts. This is the world that we're living in. Now it really is so bizarre it's of great but at the same time, it's just like it's is are. Know this morning I was like I'm GonNa pay it on. A little chilly in the apartment I might why why? I know. So like literally throwing on Lipstick, it's. Bizarre like I had I had those like fitting where I'm doing something after this night I had sent close you know and then I like put on a pair of heels and I'm like. I haven't worn a pair of heels and maybe like five months. It's a how how are you coping in? Quarantine? Howard you survives. It's been like It's it has its ups and downs. It's been an emotional rollercoaster. pivoting and finding ways to stay creative and stay sane and and be grateful and be thankful and get out of the city in ways try to breathe. But It's been the best period for deep self-reflection you know and I'm someone who doesn't shy away from that. So it's been kind of a great excuse to use that time to against better yourself in a sense you know and really kind of like look inward and it's been. It's been pretty eye opening in regard of. Priorities shifts about something that was done.

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