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We have a meeting that will be setting soon with networking. I'm not right now and involved. Different citizen members and this will continue to increase by my goal with this board is that it will help with the following but not limited to build expand and promote communication between the buildings police department and the public these community feedback to inform police department. Policies and practices develop a more diverse lease force develop and recommend alternative approaches to mental health. Prices develop and recommend effective civilian oversight structures leave you instruct review and strengthen police department use of force policies established recommended standards and reporting police use of deadly force development recommend cultural training programs develop and recommend domestic violence response. Training programs developing recommend trauma informed response training programs a culture of support relationship between the public. And the billings. Police department develop and recommend programs of trauma informed. Care for members of the billings. Police department extremes emotional or mental health challenges and more is my intent with this initiative that it also develops a board that is diverse and representation at is black indigenous people of color and include people with disabilities so that's all stereo so black indigenous people of color. That's all one person by bach. You haven't my pocket a guy names by by so there's a thing coming on the pipeline for an initiative coming up here in the future. Seems like an okay idea to me. Seems like a good step in the right direction. Whether for wishing or not we'll at least foster discussion a fruitful discussion rather than sure. Hey i want to give up my six hundred dollars so we can pay for half a cop so pointless garbage gesture their gestures that hold more weight than other sped up. There you go. That is inflammation city. Budget billings montana. It happens every fucking year. We devote at least six months. Five to six months of discussion on each department's budget and micromanage it into the ground to where you have a i. Don't you know about six months time for actually coming up with ideas and figuring out what the hell we wanna do need to do. It seems like an at aronie. Waste time figure out like a two year budget or something to where you can have an entire year of watching it run neath changes where you need to make them but just not making departments go through this every single year. Seems like it would be a good good start to the whole process. I'm guessing micromanage down to the point where you're discussing six hundred dollar council pay one time deferments to take care of a four million dollar deficit yup and making sure that people can't take home or out of the city limits. It's like at least twenty three bucks. Doubt i mean yeah times by to you. Got damn near three hundred forty million dollars. It's math smith so your city is gonna shut down. Your poodles aren't gonna shut down your this year. You can't get season passes because of the did but by god we've got a budget better. Nothing so that's happening. So this next week is Discussion about the safety. Milwaukee warning on that is what council members responsibilities are kind of foggy there with promoting something if you're a city employees especially if on the ballot. So that'll be discussed at this next meeting. That's interesting i've often wondered. So if you're you're wondering watch this week's meeting there wasn't one this week because it was the fifth monday june. So perk counsel law tradition. They don't hold the meeting. Because split to accessions and two regular sessions factoid. Ever wanted one council tradition. Do you vote. that's it. i think gutter knock down. We we've caught up from three weeks of that. And i opened makes it somewhat clear as mud but i think the audio will help and go pretty package email dot com patriot dot com slash robocop level number for buck twelve bucks a year. I mean we could give up our salary like how to two cents.

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