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A plane just crashed in the World Trade Center so we stopped taking breaks. What's going on the next one? Crashes but we were there we worked on it the next day and then some some of them left and went back to Daytona. We stayed extra and said okay. We're going to. We're going to drive breath by this time. They've grounded all therefore we're going to try to New Hampshire so group office right up We leave Richmond we get about to scranton spend the night scranton drive and get within our of New Hampshire racist been off so instead of having some of the dental sees that you have out of New Hampshire. I'm sure with the with the the lobsters. Whatever or sitting there eating lunch at the Wendy's turn around and drive back to Scranton at the same motel? We just checked Out about twelve hours ago then came on the Dick State but that evolved and they would be sessions that you sit there one of them. It was quite boring but you had to describe all the bars of the cage. A BAR B Bar. I mean this is a lot a fun and everyone of you'd have to you'd have to right. It's got a convex shape and it's made out. FCS Industry Standard Ninety Right Three forty-seven Bluetooth whatever whatever medal. And then you'd go to the next McCall's the bars were not named. And you were getting different pilot Salman mm-hmm and whatever to to standardize so some of them were were quite intense. Some of them redundant and painful. But you also could talk about things that would happen during the course you'd take your rulebook and you'd make a note. We need to work on this or we need to work on that. And then you you would work on it. Then you'd move forward in. Some major procedure would change Aka like racing back to the flag black. So we have the race again New Hampshire. We make the decision to go down the road of freezing the field were sitting there. John Darby that Adorn D. Center at a couple of others. Can we put this procedure together and Friday Eddie. We rolled it out at dove shooting from the hip to try to figure out all the nuances. Yup We do a pretty decent job until we get to Rockingham the next spring bring because we hadn't accounted enough for the pit rope. have some issues with that. We go back to the drawing board at work so we knew that anytime. You make these kind of changes. Amy's there would be at abolition. There would be some painful growth to try to get it right. It's pretty doggone close the next step would be toward calculations could be should be generated by. GPS and not back the better part of the of track. And I know that NASCAR is working. It would be the that would be the next steps. Something had happened back in some tracks quarter mile back and others. It's two one hundred fifty yards. If you have a real time freezing of the field where you know where every car is every moment of every lap then wade loops it would be a lot easier it it would be a lot and if you had that you would never had to institute to root of clothes in the pit wrote because you always knew the leader. Well yeah I mean so. It's there's nationalist analyst Eight Thousand Nine Hundred Twenty nine years down the road so it's it's an evolutionary process. I remember that that that meeting since September. Two thousand. Three the New Hampshire races where you guys made that decision and after Dale Jarrett was almost in a really unfortunate situation racing back to the yellow almost got hit. You guys made that decision. We're GONNA start praising in the field we're changing the way no more racing back to the caution remember Dover you guys had a meeting. Reporters weren't allowed but we stood back about one hundred feet and there must gone for like a half hour and I don't know probably two or three dozen questions drivers about it going. That was that when you look back on major decisions you were involved in in terms of rules changing aging in the way Nascar races were running that probably the biggest ones was changing. I would think that would have to be down because it has to be because it changed all the dynamic she. She went from something that was. It's very simple race back. It's it's not subjective too subjective system and then all all the off shoots of that again it magnifies. What's being done on? Pit Road at allows movement of safety equipment. Devolution of of the all the safety initiatives justice and those type things. It was funny in in that meeting. Brian France was in attendance drivers. Me and I had at work with Brian But I. I can't say that do the next day. I got a phone call. And he left me a voicemail telling me thanking me for doing a really good job because it it was. You're right it was about twenty five minutes of I won't say all the cuff questions but to be fair about it. Mike Helton John Darby. All of us were working working on we. We came up with all these questions that we had we brought in our scoring team for the y'all thing to try to get it all worked out no no really different then what we did. We went double file shootout restarts and worked on that. We figured out what we wanted to do. I think as much which is a bigger project here in Mason Cup. Who handles our training had to put it up and making movable powerpoint to illustrated and what she had to do sit down? Sit and everything and I'm still not sure that it was. It was painful week the we had like a week to put together. Because we'RE GONNA show this ad hoc had another meeting I think Saturday Morning Post. Here's what we're getting ready to. You'll see the same thing. Yep Right now it's kind kinda it's it's not a double throwdown closed-door meeting but ask questions and here's the illustration but the illustration and we'll tell you more than trying to have a long own brown out explanation of what what you're doing and to this day. The rule book says this is the order that you line up. It doesn't tell you the nuances of it because you can't explain you get here and you get there so the only way to do is a workshop. And that's that's amazing. Because he had double file Restarts Institute in two thousand nine and and goes against basically what NASCAR was founded in nineteen forty eight. So you're talking about sixty years of history and racing back to precaution two thousand three fifty five years of love. This is the way it's been done. In both those instances you're basically changing five or six decades of way competitors are used to and it's like we had the support of the whole Daytona team in the team working on both projects. We're going down a path that pretty dramatic. Yeah Antillean precedent and and at the same time. We quit freezing the field. We had no technology to help us know technology to help us. We we brought in so we changed I don't remember the order but four or five races later. We're going to tell you so we come up with this plan that we're going to bring in extra help. We're going position them around the race tracking the idea. was that the help around the race track would line score the segment that they see in. which in theory makes all the sense in the world? A say up that at Talladega while you're three wide fifteen sixteen and there's no human can do this. It's all you can do to take the video camera. Yeah so everybody's got an assignment to do what in on the second channel they were to college polity and and Mr Hilton volunteers to be the one cool eight data. I don't remember if the pencil went across the room or whatever he comes up sometimes dirty racist money you get down and you figure out what we got to get to get So no expense. I'm not doing this. We knew it wouldn't work. You could I won't say you could bluff love your way through it but you had a pretty good idea on some tracks but not there we kind of move forward. We have a wreck. We have a big on the back straightaway and I don't remember if it was Elliott Sadler or Dale Jarrett that we flipped the car on the back elmo Langley. Driving to college and car we blown back racetrack racetrack. We've cleaned it all up. We're still with about ten to go trying to get the order right. We're looking at video and what we got. And let's just like we're pushing pushing rock up a flat rock and also we'll track elmo. I think we need to blow it one more time. I just do the the figure out how to try to get is now is good as all you can do is go down and tells a competitive. This is what we're doing. Yeah nobody nobody sit there and said you know and and they understood. They understood exactly what we're getting up to or and in two years later we put a pit road speeding and that was another project that we had to go out and install the equipment. We had a good team. That did it and we get there. Were announced or go ahead. We're going to monitor pit road speed and remember Martin saying this and the clash drivers me or we're going to practice it today. He said. Can we reconsider this. I don't know this I said Mark Sometime. y'All need to be careful what you wish for because you might get you got this. Because he hit you know he had figured out. This is not going to be India. It'll be good in the long run but in short haul it's going to be hard so I'm okay with stop watches. Yeah so I got one more freedom as we sit here. Four races left in the twenty thousand season. What's it been like for you watching NASCAR in a different way of and you had the past thirty one years I still find myself? Officiating appreciating and I still find myself because of the of the other projects that I'm working on trump stay in Kern on the rules and I may notice things that maybe the General Fan Dutton. It's not because I'm any smarter but I knew how going to officiate. It or what I was looking for when I was officiate. So you'd see something happened or you knew that this didn't happen in the right sequence. I don't know that I necessarily missed the travel. I do miss the relationships I had with a bunch of people racetracks. Some of them. I have worked with more than forty years. Clay Campbell comes the mind since we're going to march for this weekend. One of the things I did up there in the first couple of years that I worked up there I worked in the PR department and his granddaddy Clay Earles Haddish..

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