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So we did that. And then of course, like I mentioned dynamite was on the Saturday, so Tony was awesome, Tony Kahn was awesome to, you know, you could definitely use orange Cassidy and Britt baker and we'll work around them because you know if you notice our show and some people bag on us from it on dynamite, sometimes we have 40 50 60 talents on there. So if you want to, if he's going to let some people work on my cruise, we kind of have to figure out what's going to be going on that week and what can we do as far as maybe doing pre taped interviews, et cetera? I know Britt had some pre tape interviews on there. I had done rampage, which aired when we were on the boat. So we tried to just put together the best lineup we could. And the first thing I saw as soon as orange was ready, 'cause I always tried to do something kind of special for my match on the cruise. I only wrestle once because I have so many things to do and I'll read the multi upcoming. But first year, of course, was the box of Jericho. That was the Young Bucks and Chris Jericho versus Cody, Marty stele and Daniel omega. Year two was myself, the inner circle myself and Santana Ortiz versus jungle boy luchasaurus or Marco stunt. That was, I believe the main event for the show that week on dynamite and then of course this year we did orange Jericho, which is I thought that would a perfect combination of Chris Jericho orange Cassidy, something that you won't see anywhere else but on the boat and originally it was going to be against spears and wardlow. And then I was like, or it could be against Hobbs and Ricky Starks, kind of a team task type thing. So Tony said, let's do it with Hobbs and starts because pretty much guaranteed they'll be on the boat. Other guys I'm still working around storylines and that sort of thing too. So and you know, being on the cruise and having me on board and having a match, it's always kind of cool for me. That's what I want to do something different. And that's also if you guys remember last year on the second wave is when we first had the first singing of Judas. And it is still one of the coolest moments of my life where we came to the ring for our match and this was actually on dynamite. And people were singing Judas. Super loud. And I'll never forget that feeling of walking down the aisle way of a big ramp that we have a big stage set now, which we didn't have the first year. Walking down the ramp play on the cruise that I created that bears my name for the wrestling company that I helped get on the map and help create, especially at the time. I think I was the champion, too, as well. That's right. I was the world champion. And number three to the ring song that I sang and helped create as well. So it was no pun intended triple whammy of the wrestling company that cruise ship and the song all directly related to me and having everybody sing that as one of the biggest moments of my career and the fact has become kind of part of the show and I was like, I was not in St. Louis this past week and there's people who were angry at me because they wanted to sing Judas, you know? So, then we just started putting together this awesome roster for AW and like I said, who can I use? Well, obviously this is the one year that Kenny and the Young Bucks hangman page those guys have been in the first two. And they weren't on this one. And some people were like, why is Kenny and where's the box? My thing is, we don't want the same guys every year. And in year one, also for Ring of Honor, Kenny and the bucks and those guys were not as big stars as they are now. You know, just like last year, Britt baker, she became a star on the Jericho cruise. MJF don't really knew much about him. Sammy Guevara, same thing. So every year as it progresses, I'm sure next year will Hobbs or Ricky Starks will be main eventing. And orange Cassidy will be in more of the main event. So we take the people that we can use. And we help them become even bigger. And obviously, orange and Britt were huge on this cruise, but so many people just stood up, Peter Avalon was awesome. You know, we had the wingman on and we'll talk a little bit more about them. Chaos project always does a good job. Anna Jay, Chris statlander, Wheeler, you to Chuck Taylor. I mean, you get these guys Isaiah Cassidy. You get these guys that don't have a lot of house show experience. And that's basically what the cruise is. It's like a four day house show loop, which in WWE is something that we would just do every single week. No big deal. If you've got to keep in mind, in AW, we're just working every Wednesday. That's it. So to do shows that are non televised, even though we did tape them, and I'll talk about that in a second. It just gives everybody a chance to have some fun. We had I think sunny kiss. And maybe Isaiah, I can't remember, did a dance contest, which was great during the match. I think Frankie challenged she's a benoni to a drinking contest and sees a drank a whole bottle of vodka and then couldn't get up off the mat, which was hilarious. Just stuff that you won't see anywhere else. And that's what people I think really enjoy about the Jericho cruise. It's a little bit more laid back. And you're just having fun. It's all about having fun. So the crew that we had was a great collection of guys and girls who really embraced that and understood what it was that we were doing. And that to me was the reason why another one of the reasons why number three, the triple whammy could be the best one out of all of them that we've had. And then joining and I made a deal that will advertise all these guys and it was about 36 talents from AW and just shows how great our roster is due because this is guys that weren't even on dynamite that were still huge names and on top of that, dynamite EW even added a dark taping at Universal Studios that weekend. I remember I called Chris Harrington, who's one of the guys behind the scenes. Are you trying to give me a heart attack? You're not only do I have to put together a roster. That is on, you know, not going to be on dynamite. And now you're doing dark as well and he's like, dude, our roster is so deep that we can handle this. And you think about a dynamite was great that week, the cruise matches were great that week. And the dark matches were great that week just to show how much we have going for us. Getting down to the last week, all the names that we had advertised them, like I mentioned, there was a 30 odd of them. The only ones we had to replace at the end were wardlow and spears and Lance archer. That was it, because don't even need them for the limiter tournament and ward low in spears were involved with the MJF story. And we got Brian cage, Isaiah Cassidy and helico in return, which to me, that's great. And those guys did a great job and just really had just this amazing crew all the way across the board. And some people like The Rock and roll express.

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