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To target with his newly reported cap space that they created by restructuring? Stefan takes country You look at the free agent corners who are out there. It's you know, it's Richard Sherman, Steve Nelson. Then you get guys like DJ Hayden, then Josh Norman. Buster screen. Brian Poole, Michael Davis for Shot Breeland, You know, really good player, right? And some of these guys guarding the caliber United, you know, we know their names. You know. Nicole Roby Coleman, Nichelle Roby Coleman. Um We know their names, but the Bills Pro Personnel department know these guys. And they'll know which guy what his strengths and weaknesses are. What kind of guy he is. They'll have a whole file on him, and they'll have a dossier on whether he fits their scheme or not. So some of these guys are probably Off the list because they don't fit the scheme. Some of them. Will fit in a in a big way. And that and this list Particularly after June 1st. Becomes a little bit more little bit. Maurin expensive. Well, yeah, the price tag because much more palatable, especially for a team like Buffalo who doesn't have gobs of money to hand out, although they have more, but they'll get it now thinking one of these guys on a one year deal as well like they do. Let's go to the phones at 803 Oh, 5 51 885 52 5 50 open line for you there and we bring Colin in Cheektowaga on Colin when you have for us here on one bill's life. Hey, I think that we should really go hard for Todd Gurley just bringing that veteran power back for the red zone in those short, first down that we really need Using that kind of what Zach Moss is here for. I'm just gonna play Devil's Advocate with you, Colin. Yeah, Yeah, he fumbles a little bit. He message the ball up a little bit. He's not as big A little young, but Todd Gurley's had veteran power back that I think could really get the job done. All right, So you're going to go on running back? That's interesting. All right, thanks for the call. I don't mean you signed Matt Brita. He's not a He's not. He doesn't fit the description of what Colin is looking for, but I think that's why Zach Moss is here. Yeah, to do that stuff between the tackles Hard yards Red zone running. Yeah, I get the point. You wanna big? You want a big running back at some point? I'm still I'm still dead. Just a simmer back there and handed the ball big back. That's the biggest guy banging that I'm banging that drum. He's got such speed for a guy his size, and I don't know. I don't know if he can't even hold a football. I'm laughing, but That's really into his athleticism is really intriguing to me and his ability to run in the open field and That's where I met on the big back scenario. Imagine is a rugby player. You can't he would plow people. Guys. Yeah, but that's I. I hear that about the running back. And yeah, that's a that's a. I think that's a kind of a niche player. And if you're gonna have a niche player guy for sure you already is in the hard yards clearing cast cap space for a guy like that, and they're probably Cem. Guys. We we've never heard of big running backs out of college is the stuff they're young and fresher than Todd Gurley, who's been fighting a bad knee for six years. Yeah, I'm I see what you're saying. They didn't clear up this space for a guy like that. That's just that's the way you clear up cap space to this degree for a starting caliber. Yes, edition. That's correct. Yeah, that's right. And Todd Gurley as good as he is in his and his resume is being what it is. Um I don't know that that's him anymore. He was very good. A couple of years ago, I was in the You know the Rams run to the Super Bowl of stuff. But even then Yeah. There's a reason he bounces around. Let's go back to the phones in 803. Oh, 5 51 8885 52 5 50 open line for you there, but we go to gym in Amherst next year. What do you have for us? You're on one bill's life. Hey, guys, Jim, from Amherst. How you doing today? Good. Good. Here's my thought. Thought is. What are we going to need My concern. You guys brought it up last week. Start coming back. And I have a feeling stares not coming back after that, your Ah So are we looking for that defense of tackle? The guy from Caroline. I think Scott's his last name Cohen shorten it short short. That's it. Thanks to you, and then I'm also thinking we still are gonna have a little bit more money for Earth's Um, where your thoughts I like that. Yeah. I mean, I It's funny that you mention that Jim and thanks for the call, because the three positions I wrote down when I said okay. What's the 7.84? I wrote down tight end Cornerback and the third position I wrote down was defensive tackle. Um Star last week was not here at voluntary O T. A S That status could could have changed this week. We don't know. We'll know more tomorrow when there is media access to practice where people will be head counting at that point in time. And I think on the part of fans, it sounds like there is some measure of concern. Either A when Star comes back. What does he look like? Is a player. You know how much rust Kenny knockoff? Is He the same guy or Aziz. Jim just expressed you coming back at all. Right? I imagine the bills have Had conversations of that nature with him, But you know, you look at the free agent market. A defensive tackle Gino Atkins is at the top of the list. Geo actions complain, but he's 33 had a bad injury Last year, Kalon short 32 from Carolina did he had injury problems. Last General Casey 32 from Den played in Denver last year. Sheldon Richardson 31 out of Cleveland. Corey Peters. 33 years old Aaron, Arizona, Avery Jones from Jacksonville. He's 30 years old Beau Allen 30 years old from New England shall be Harris from Denver, 30 years old. Austin Johnson 27 years old from the Giants. Jack Crawford, Daniel McCullers. Beaumont Dome atop Echo Damon, Damon Harrison, Mike Pennell, Xavier Williams. Also you're going down. I mean, There's a lot of guys available, but not at that price tag. Not that price tag in the top guys or In their thirties. Yeah, Actions missed most of last season with bad shoulder injury. So, um,.

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